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Bartlesville Gyms | Equipment Spotlight: The Treadmill

This content written for Colaw Fitness

Thank you for coming to the Colaw Fitness website while searching through all of the Bartlesville gyms. Feel free to give us a call right now at 918-766-3353. We have our phones answered 24 hours a day to assure every question is answered by the correct department. We would greatly enjoy speaking with you because finding out your fitness goals, and helping you succeed are our goal. So while you search through all Bartlesville gyms, like that bear cabin explorer Goldilocks, here is what will surely make us the most comfortable fit for everyone.

Between the family ownership and the array of experienced staff members, we have decades of experience with fitness and health. Our passions and our business are faith-based! We want to share physical fitness with you. Our goal is for you succeed in whatever fitness goal you have! We want our strength to encourage you. Faith walks in. Walk in faith. We create a peaceful oasis to fulfill whatever it is you may need in your search through Bartlesville gyms. Feel free to try every one, but only go on the weekend nights to get a personalized staff tour. Because that will help you narrow down your options.

A welcoming comfortable atmosphere awaits the moment you walk in the door or every Colaw Fitness facility. Be greeted with a warm smile. You have instant access day or night to a staff member. Our facility is being sanitized and disinfected around the clock, every single day of the year. You will be able to find a locker room. Private showers and day lockers assure your safety, security, and privacy. Massage, tanning, trainer access and so much more are waiting for you for as low as $5 per month. With all the benefits you will more than get your financial value. You can bring someone with you every time you work out. That’s like two memberships for the price of one right there.

Bartlesville gyms are vast in what is contained within each one. Please consider stopping by anytime for a tour and your questions answered by an experienced, knowledgable and empathetic staff member. One day every month we celebrate life during Member Appreciation Night. Dinner is on us, just come on by. We have special new member promotions and you could get an entire year of FREE membership. Stop in and see what days and times it is coming up soon near you! The menu may change from month to month, but we promise to give you a meal one night every month.

Colaw Fitness Bartlesville Hydromassage


Today treadmills are the Main Attraction of the modern gymnasium experience. Our ancestors would cringe at the luxury item they have evolved into. They outrun all their home competition of ellipticals and resistance machines of various kinds. Every Colaw Fitness location has enough treadmills to accommodate the peak for their community. You will not have to wait to climb aboard and catch some free WiFi for your favorite scenery on your device. Maybe you have some plugin earbuds and you can tune in directly to many choices of our landline cable programming.

A treadmill began as a tool in many cultures, as a treadwheel. The nearest ancestor of recreational/health treadmills featured in Bartlesville gyms throughout was during the late 1960s by William Staub, a mechanical engineer. He created the PaceMaster 600 and home treadmills were born.

During the 1800s, an engineer named William Cubitt designed treadmills to punish prisoners. He reasoned their muscle power could cure idleness and produce work. With the 20th century came the next previous transition of today’s wonder in the technology of walking and fitness. US patent of treadmill “training machine” #1,064,968 was issued on June 17, 1913. The hero of diagnostics in heart and lung disease, today’s treadmill is historic forever as a life-saving device. As humanity grows more tech-savvy and physically docile for income, treadmills are assured to follow us into the future.

Now securely into the 21st century, we are taking our treadmills to work because treadmills at the office and hotel have become the norm more than the exception. Treadmill desks and standing desks are more popular than ever and only sure to grow from here. Bartlesville gyms have various models and levels of training and fitness available to you. At Colaw Fitness we focus on the general health needs provided by treadmills.

Our treadmills offer speed and terrain settings. You have device charges in each station to charge and listen to your device. You have access to the television dialogue heard all over the gym on our ellipticals and bicycles. We have multiple styles of ellipticals and bicycles to choose from for your fitness comfort level. Medical treadmills have become a class IIb active therapeutic device and we want you to have access to this equipment. Heart monitoring assistance is located within all of these devices, for your convenience.

Treadmills are called the one-size-fits-all of the hundreds of choices within each and every of the Bartlesville gyms. There is a setting for everyone, no matter your fitness level. Even using mobility assistance. The advantages of treadmill use include an all-weather option for heart health. Our facilities’ treadmills offer a stable training surface to minimize impact injuries from asphalt and older track settings.

The incline settings assure a complete aerobic workout when physical limitations do not oblige. Our treadmills offer preset options for ease of starting right away. You can choose a flat track simulation or a nice hike in the hills. You can set up a tablet to coordinate this journey and away you go. See your distance, calories burned and heart rate all in one amazing machine. It is now quite fashionable to track your steps because it’s trendy.

Our staff and members become friends, family and sometimes even spouses. Colaw Fitness will never be just another place to work out in all the Bartlesville gyms. It will be your sanctuary for self care. At Colaw Fitness we encourage you through a commitment to your success. #youareworthit isn’t just a phrase we made up for marketing. It’s part of who we are. We are here to make sure you know you are worth it. No one can help anyone do anything unless they want to.

At Colaw Fitness and no other Bartlesville gyms, you will find our culture. A culture of No Gym Jerks or negative behavior. No activities to encourage negative energy. You will hear a soundtrack of various genres of faith-based music played to uplift and encourage. We accept the human condition is challenging and know we are stronger when we help each other. Let us help you right now. Come take a tour and join us as we help you succeed because we care for you. Some members only massage away the stress of the day. We have members that just work on a golden deep glowing tan. We have members that just want a hot shower alone after a hard day.

So call us right now at 918-766-3353 and tell us what you are looking for in Bartlesville gyms. Maybe just call us and tell us what you really hate about being a member of a gym previously. Let us help you understand our commitment to your success. Thank you for reading this information and remember you are worth it.