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Bartlesville Gyms | Maddie Lost 15 lbs | Colaw Fitness Bartlesville

Hello, this is Charles and Amber Colaw. Today we’re going to give you a win of the week and the win of the week is Maddie. Maddie has lost 15 pounds in only four weeks or four weeks. So great job, Maddie.

And Amber is going to give us a notable quotable.

Okay, this is good. Arnold Schwarzenegger says you can have results or excuses, but not both. And Maddie chose results. She gave up all the excuses. She’s gotten in there. She’s killed it for a week, a week, a month, and she’s lost 15 pounds. So congratulations Maddie. That’s awesome. Yup. Thank you Maddie. That’s the win of the week with Charles and Amber Colaw. See you later. Bye bye.

Hi, I’m Maddie Amaro. You know, I really just love how friendly the staff are when I walk through the door every day that I come, they’re just always like, Hey, what’s up? Or, Hey, how, how’s it going? And they just greet us every time we walked through the door. Well, what I thoroughly enjoy is one, all the equipment that we have, but to also be able to bring a free friend. Um, every time I come I’m able to bring a friend for free.

And it’s only $5 a month. If I come 12 times, I think it’s 12 times 12 times a month. And it’s just fantastic for that price. Really love the friendly staff. But I also thoroughly enjoy the Christian music that’s played here. It creates an atmosphere that’s so pleasing to me. U

m, since coming to Colaw, um, in a month I’ve lost about 15 pounds and, um, just hopefully can, I’ll continue to lose weight. That’s my goal. Um, we’ve done a lot of freeways, so squatting with the bar, um, bench presses, and then of course we’ve used the machines and we’ve done jogging and the elliptical, um, a lot of lunges. So [inaudible].

Bartlesville gyms

Bartlesville gyms

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