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Bartlesville Gyms | Nikita Lost 50 lbs | Weight Lost Bartlesville

Hey there superstars. This is Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw. Today we’re going to give you a win of the week and a notable quotable and the win of the week was Nikita. Nikita has lost 50 pounds 50 lbs.

Love her testimony. She’s super pumped about losing weight. Getting in shape and getting her health back. So Amber, give us a win. Give us a notable quotable.
Okay. That’s what I do every week in the key of this one, I chose specifically for you because it just made me think of you as you shared your testimony.

Okay. Craig Groeschel says grateful people are happy people and you can just feel the joy radiate off her and I love that and thank you for being in the gym and just spreading your joy across the whole place. I’m sure you are an encouragement to everyone that’s there. So congratulations. Super excited for you.

Yes,Thank you Nikita. Have a great week. This is Charles number Cola. We’ll see you next week with another win of the week.

My name is Nikita Nevels. I like the whole atmosphere. I liked the different machine race. Did you have a chance to exercise or where you exercise from? You talk to the bottom laid stomach, arms.

There’s a range of ages here from young to young at heart and, and it’s always fun to see everybody trying to do their best. People are friendly. Everybody comes to work. It’s no, it’s, there’s no one person that’s looking at one person. Everybody is in their own zone. And they come to work and to get there. Well, I’ve lost at least 50 pounds.

I feel like I’m stronger in my legs, my arms. I am currently a dialysis patient and I’m getting ready eventually to get a transplant. So I want to be really fit. So when I had my transplant that everything would just be working together for the good.

Bartlesville Gyms

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