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Bartlesville Gyms | Our low price the Wow Factor

content written for Colaw Fitness.

Hey everybody, I hope that this finds you in good spirits and in a good place today. We know how difficult life can be at times so we have created a fitness environment conducive to helping improve our attitudes and well-being’s. At Colaw Fitness Center of Bartlesville (918-331-0404) we have that Wow Factor. Of all the Bartlesville gyms we have the best value going. Of all the Bartlesville gyms we have been rated number one for the past 10 years.

We are rated the highest and have the most reviews of any of the Bartlesville gyms on the Internet. We don’t require any long-term contracts we have a 30 day moneyback guarantee in place. Don’t be fooled by other Bartlesville gyms and don’t take something advertised as truth until you have researched and gathered information so that you derive an appropriate conclusion.

So many of the competitors will try to force their prices down but only offer a few member benefits. Others offer the whole gamut of member benefits but it is disguised in a tiered system so that in order to get those benefits you must pay the price for the high tier. They will never advertise that. They will show you pictures to cause you to assume they are included.

This is why I encourage you to do your own research. A great place to do research on Colaw Fitness would be our website – Colaw Fitness.com. You may find a wealth of information as well as testimonies and video testimonials of our current members and successes. They elaborate on what their favorite part of the membership is.

How long they’ve been there. You can also call the number listed above for information that you might be confused or just have incomplete information. Our operators will greet and treat you with the most courtesy and go out of their way to help you discover the best value for you.

So you might understand a little bit about the depth of Colaw Fitness of Bartlesville, I would like to elaborate on an area that Colaw Fitness has interest. It is called the water for life campaign in Mozambique where donated money goes to providing potable water to many of the impoverished villages and families so that they may bathe themselves or more importantly, hydrate themselves.

Water is precious to the body of all humans. Only a small amount of time without hydration results in extreme shutdown of vital functions. So, I think you can see how important this campaign to help humanity is. A portion of every single membership is donated to the campaign for life. Being a good steward of God’s finances will always be important at Colaw Fitness. I can assure you that none of the other Bartlesville gyms are doing this.

Let’s discuss membership benefits. To kick it all off I will say that the free tanning is nothing short of excellent. The tanning units are always clean and offers secure/private time while tanning. Cleaning supplies are provided to ensure and minimize any contamination. Probably the favorite membership benefit would be the massage area.

Both massage chairs and hydromassage beds are available for free unlimited use. The massage section is newly updated and more conducive to relaxation. Some really cool luminescent lights, comfy chairs, and your own TV with remote are just some of the amenities provided. We offer free Wi-Fi at Colaw Fitness.

There is always a great multitude of HDTV playing various programs running at Colaw Fitness. So, you can’t blame missing your workout on not being able to see the ballgame or whatever TV program. We have free trainer instruction as free nutritional instruction to aid in your fitness travels. Also offer free lockers with private dressing areas close.

We have a celebration for memberships once a month and Colaw Fitness buys all-you-can-eat pizza. To share with new members as well as current members. A special prize is awarded to anyone that can produce the signing of three new members on membership appreciation night. The price is a one year free membership to Colaw Fitness. Oh, I almost forgot, you can bring a friend for free. A very cost-saving benefit where there is no limitation on the number of visits or the amount of benefits the guest will receive.

Colaw Fitness has so much exercise equipment that it will be impossible to list everything. But I will just give you a rundown of what we do have quickly. We have lots of cardio equipment that would include treadmills, stair steppers, rowing machines, recombinant bikes, stationary bikes, running machines, elliptical machines. We offer aerobics classes for groups, jump ropes, yoga mats, yoga balls, perfect push-ups, tractor tires, weight sleds, wrist rollers.

A large portion of the gym is dedicated to the weights also. Excessive numbers of free weights are available. Lots of dumbbells and barbells, kettle balls, cable machines, leg sleds, Smith machines, calf raises, pack decks, and much more. I will briefly elaborate that the cable machine is enormous. There are so many ways to adjust to get the perfect angle with which to target stubborn muscle groups.

Multiple exercises with adapters make this one of the most versatile pieces of equipment we have. We also have elastic bands, tug-of-war ropes, jump ropes, and a multitude of others. This is really just the beginning. If it is a piece of exercise equipment, then Colaw Fitness has it.

Colaw Fitness Center of Bartlesville (918-331-0404) has everything that you need on your fitness journey. The amazing uplifting and positive Christian environment provides the stage for growth in many areas. Not just physical fitness. Our courteous staff is committed to encouraging and motivating our current members.

It’s like an investment that continues to grow because now all the investing in new members continues but the established members pass the encouragement and the reassuring acts onto one another. So the membership base is kind and accepting of all walks of life. People are free to be themselves as long as they do not encroach on another’s.

All in all this is a great place to start exercising, continue exercising. Or finish the final details of a bodybuilding show. If you are attempting to lower your cholesterol for your heart or improve circulation from diabetic issues we have that covered. We encourage you to drop by and compare us to any of the Bartlesville gyms any time.

We would love you to give us a call today at the above listed number and let us see how we can help you discover your best self. God bless.