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Bartlesville gyms | Pump it

This content was written for colaw fitness

Colwa Fitness offers some of the best gym facilities and all of Oklahoma! They provide some of the most outstanding Bartlesville gyms because we not only offer a safe place for you to come workout. So we have the highest and most reviewed and fitness center. We give back to our community in many ways, but one of the most relevant ways to give back to our community is the provide you with a affordable facility that the clean, friendly, and provide excellent equipment for you to get your sweat on.

For every a membership that we sell in the Bartlesville gyms area, we donate one dollar to water for life. Unfortunately, water is not easily available to everyone. Some areas in the world have such extreme drought, but they have to store water for a couple of months at a time. Were there water is extremely dirty, and is filled with many harmful bacteria’s to their body. We want to give back not only to our community, the helping the world a better place, and care for our fellow man. If you’d like to find out more about the organization that we donate to. You can check out their website by clicking our informative video provided on our website link.

You may check that out@colawfitness.com. We’ve provided a wonderful informative video that has many personal testament of our volunteers, and those that we have donated to, and how we been able to provide them water for life. So if you’d like to get started at our Bartlesville gyms, for just one dollar down sign up today! You will never regret signing up for a gym membership, because even on those days where you do not feel like working out, and you go to the gym anyways and have a mediocre workout, you are still pushing through that even though it may be hard.

We welcome you with friendly faces from the moment you step in our door, because we want to make sure that especially on those hard days when it taking everything in your willpower to come to the gym, that we make it easy for you to say. If you ever have any questions about any exercises that you can perform to help increase your core strength, or your overall health, please ask one of our personal trainers or front desk staff members. We never shy away from a challenge, and always look for ways that they can help improve our members workouts. There are so many benefits that you the from joining a gym today.

Sunday benefits that you will be our overall better health for your body, you will be able to increase your strength, mobility, flexibility, and confidence. Because when you are proud of the work and accomplishments that you made, you want to share that with everyone else, and something about working out and doing something proactive for health helps us to have a happier attitude, and more self-confidence. So if you’d like to get started at Bartlesville gyms are at colaw fitness to contact us at that (918)766-3353.

Bartlesville gyms | water for life

This content was written for colaw fitness

When you become a member here at colaw fitness at our Bartlesville gyms, you will find that we treat you like no other gym has treated you before. At other corporate gyms, you often just feel like another number, like the employees, and personal trainers were not there to help you succeed, but rather help their own personal gain, it can be very disheartening. We can make our workout experience very mundane, and over time it will just become so repetitive is that will eventually you not put the effort into going anywhere.

At colaw fitness our staff members are here for your success. Our staff members will not just treat you like another number, we will know you directly by name. Next time you come into the gym, you will be greeted with excitement and a rejuvenated joy for life you will leave the gym better than when you came. We offer many wonderful perks for all of our members, and a membership here at our Bartlesville gyms include; free unlimited tanning unit, and free unlimited the flash unit, free training instruction, free nutrition instruction, no long-term contract, and can bring a friend, and your friend can enjoy tanning and massages too!

Some of the most amazing benefits that you will see from using our massage units, without sometimes all you need to do is unwind from a stressful day. Our massage units provides you with 10 to 15 minutes of relaxing, peaceful time to yourself where you can have all the stress at work out of your muscles. Did you know that our body harbors feelings, and emotions that we do not express. Often times people will notice that their next stiffens, and that they will start to experience a shoulder back pain if they are feeling stressed. That is because our body is holding onto those feelings that we are not releasing.

You can use our massage services for any part of your body. The have our hydromassage that, which you can adjust to focus mainly on your path, or to a full body massage. If you are experiencing extreme muscle spasms in your legs from stress, or hard work, I would adjust the Hydro massage bed, so that it only works directly on your calf muscles. That way it is able to penetrate your muscles deeply and workout also not an increased blood flow. Colaw fitness has some of the best Bartlesville gyms and all of Oklahoma. You won’t be happier going anywhere else.

Your happiness is what drives us to be successful here at colaw fitness. I know, that many people come to the gym to work out a long hard stressful day. It is their copy that they do in their spare time, it is something that helps to bring them closer to their fitness goals, and to help them accomplish and prepare for many in fact we had a member who decided that he wanted to go hike Mount Everest. Now Mount Everest is no GC clients, and you have to prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually for experience that you will be having. You trained and prepared himself our Bartlesville gyms, and was able to go on to fulfill his lifelong drea Of hiking Mount Everest.