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Bartlesville Gyms | Why pay more for less at a different gym

content written for Colaw Fitness

If you’re looking for affordable Bartlesville Gyms, Colaw Fitness should be your only destination. Staffed 24 hours a day and always taking your questions and concerns via telephone at 918-766-3353. We have locations in Bartlesville, OK, Joplin, MO, and Topeka, KS. The mid west is our home and our heart, and we value each member as they help us grow. We offer so many things for your health, fitness, and budget.

As JUST a gym and fitness facility, it would be a bargain unequaled. Tanning lay down beds and stand up units are always available. There are no locker rooms and you can enjoy private showers. We want you to be comfortable, safe and secure. Massage is included in every plan and is dispensed via full-body chairs or fully customizable hydro massage tables.

There are so many options for your mind, body and spirit health. You will find hundreds of work out options because there are so many effective and personal routines for fitness. Consider our aerobic area with yoga mats available. Colaw Fitness offers all the tools for your success. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on equipment that most people hang clothes on in a matter of months. Come to the best in Bartlesville Gyms. Because you can not only use the equipment you have viewed on TV, but a live, free trainer will teach you the most efficient way to use it.

Standard machines included in this budget friendly fitness dream come true. Therefore, be assured, you have available two types of elliptical machines. Rowing, stair climbers, treadmills, recumbent/vertical bicycles, circuit training, and free weights. Just stop by anytime and get a tour of our facility and you will be sold. Our staff is passionate about the success of every member, no matter their goals or journey thus far.

If you are not yet convinced that this is an amazing value because of all that is offered. There is more. Free trainer assistance is available six days a week. The cleanest facility you will ever see. Our staff cares about your health and safety. We clean and sanitize around the clock. Staffed 24/7 by people that care about fitness and the joy of their members. We care about having a clean, working and peaceful facility. Everyone is welcomed and revered.

The best in Bartlesville Gyms can be yours starting at only FIVE DOLLARS per month. There are membership specials periodically that give away free months. We also have Membership Appreciation Night and serve a variety of local restaurant choices. Bringing the community together at every opportunity, Colaw Fitness knows how important we are to each other. Stop in and learn how to get an ENTIRE YEAR of FREE membership!


It is a wonderful place to spend a couple hours working on your body or mind. Free WiFi is available for streaming videos to pass the time. If you watch a movie and go for a bike ride, the time will truly fly. How great would it be to get lost in your favorite show while breaking a sweat? Just tell your friends you got in shape with Netflix and chill!

All the great tools you have seen in the store, but not wanted to invest in, are conveniently located at Colaw Fitness. Want to see what you can do with an exercise ball? How many times have you watched Christy Brinkley wondering about cable machines? Will those resistance bands help you achieve your body sculpting goals? How can you try out kettle bells without investing in something that is not the correct weight for you? We are the only answer in Bartlesville Gyms.

Bartlesville Gym Colaw Fitness Outside 1 Bartlesville Gym Colaw Fitness Massage Bed

So often people feel insecure with their own bodies that they avoid a public setting. At Colaw Fitness we strive to overcome any things that may block your success. We pride ourselves on having a comfortable atmosphere for all ages, shapes, and sizes. Our goal is your comfort and availability in a relaxing setting. Everyone is beautiful, and we want you to know that and walk with confidence in your efforts’ results.

We have varied television programming available. Just bring your standard 3.5 mm ear buds and plug in to many of our machines. From sports to news to education and entertainment, there is something for everyone. Every facility also plays music for your work out enjoyment with varying genres. We suggest labeling all personal items in case you forget them. We have a lost and found, but prefer to have everything returned to the owner.

So, in Bartlesville Gyms we can help you focus on HIIT training. Maybe Plyometrics is your thing, this is the place. If you have no idea what those things are and just want to get a golden tan year round, come on over now. Why have you not joined a gym yet? Inconvenient to go to? We are centrally located to many neighboring towns. You feel embarrassed like you won’t fit in? From 12 to 90, we have members of all generations. Meet a new best friend any time. We have handicapped members and people on all paths of their health journey. Don’t run out and spend hundreds on fancy workout clothing. Just be the best you now as you journey, and we will welcome you.

The culture we provide within our facility is one of peace and harmony. Everyone has as much privacy as they choose. Come out and see old friends and make new ones. Like minded people bonding over health makes for a great bond. Our staff is highly motivated for your success and always available for assistance.

We have an answer to every reason you haven’t been in any Bartlesville Gyms. We can help you. Our staff is experienced in various aspects of life and want everyone to have the benefits of health. Expense should never be the reason someone isn’t healthy. It is true that without health, you have nothing. You can’t be anything for anyone. We have all struggled with something. Fitness is great for body health, but also mind health. Stress effects on our bodies can be combated with exercise and strength training. Hear our excitement now 918-766-3353. Let us alleviate all your apprehension.