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Bartlesville OK Gyms | Lexy lost 10 lbs | Colaw Fitness

Hey there, super team, this is Charles and Amber. Today we’re going to give you a win of the week and the win of the week is Lexi. Lexi has lost 10 pounds and she’s got a better understanding of exercising. She feel confident about herself, feel better about herself. So awesome for being a testimony and giving us a testimonial of your fitness journey so that people could be like you.


Okay, pastor Craig Groeschel says you can have control or you can have growth but you can’t have both. So even Lexi figured out she had to let kit, let go of control of what she was going to follow as far as exercise or nutrition plan and following the CF 30 relinquish that control so that you can grow and you get, you learn from it, you get good results from it. So yes. Yeah.

Thank you. Let’s see. You are awesome. Thank you ever. Been aware of the week and we’ll see you guys next week. This is Charles and Amber Colaw bye. Bye.

My name is Lexi. Um, I like the atmosphere and I like how clean it is. And everybody’s friendly atmosphere is super nice. Everyone’s really nice when you come in and you don’t feel intimidated. Um, all members, they have a lot of cool things. Uh, they have a lot of classes, like they teach you and they help you in your fitness journey. So I think that’s something that I’ve lost 10 pounds and I’ve just gained a better understanding of what working out is.

Bartlesville OK Gyms

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