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Best Fitness Center in Bartlesville | All-around best fitness value

content written for Colaw Fitness.

If you live in the Bartlesville area we have got something you need to know. Colaw Fitness of Bartlesville (918-331-0404) is the best fitness center in Bartlesville. We have been voted Bartlesville’s best fitness center for 10 years running. We are located in the convenient Eastland shopping center where the new parking lot is open and in use. The facility has been recently updated so as far as aesthetic condition is concerned, we look fantastic. Even though looking good is important, it is only a part of why we are the best fitness center in bartlesville’s.

We attribute large amounts of the attraction to Colaw Fitness of Bartlesville to the unprecedented atmosphere here. Everyone comments on how friendly the staff is and how helpful our trainers are. Just an overall friendliness. We also see our members making statements to the fact that our staff invests so much time and effort into the building up of each member. The fact that we care so much about our members.

The day in and day out efforts to promote and encourage people to get the most from their work out. After years of this encouraging investment we begin to really see change in our atmosphere. We currently see other members motivating one another. We see them celebrating together as well as reaching out to those who may be struggling. Our members have a a bond here at Colaw Fitness.

A bond that keeps them coming back for more. People enjoy coming to Colaw Fitness because they are accepted where they are in they are treated with dignity and respect. Would you expect anything less from the best fitness center in Bartlesville?

Bartlesville Fitness Center Colaw Fitness Massage Bed

We think not. It is a Christian atmosphere that is based on biblical principles. We constantly play positive, uplifting Christian music 24/7. You can always find a positive vibe we show up at Colaw Fitness. Some of the greatest friendships have been created. Lifelong bonds formed between members. This is a supreme example of loving God and loving others. These are relationships that are formed out of an environment that creates positiveness that is shared throughout the building.

Colaw Fitness of Bartlesville takes pride in the equipment that is available to our members. Even though our staff and the atmosphere creates an opportunistic time to commit to fitness improvement, the members still have to follow through. By providing the finest in equipment, we attempt to make it easier for people to be drawn in incomplete their exercise regimen. It does not matter why you are here. You could be here for health reasons. Might be looking to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, or prevent prediabetic syndrome.

You might be training for the Olympics. It doesn’t matter. We have the equipment and the facility to deliver results. Because of this the best fitness in Bartlesville. We have a vast array of cardio equipment that would include treadmills, stair masters, and elliptical machines. We also have running machines. Stationary bikes, recombinant bikes, and rowing machines. If you’re into weights, we have you covered. We have free weights, barbells, dumbbells, and kettle balls. We have squat racks, leg press machines. Calf raise machines, and a Smith machine.

We have racks designed for different types of presses, including bench, incline, and decline. We have a recent addition cable machine that will rock your world. It takes up the tremendous amount of room. There are a multitude of attachments where you can hook up to the cables for variation in exercise. There are over 10 places to plug-in. The dual middle section can be adjusted from the ceiling in all the way to the floor. This allows for fine tuning the angles necessary for maximum muscle stimulation. The cable machine offers members the ability to work out every muscle in the body. A very great asset to have in we believe is a must for the best fitness center in Bartlesville.

We can say we are the best fitness center in Bartlesville because we are. The highest rated and most reviewed gym in the area. So out of all the fitness centers in the area, we had the greatest number of reviewers. Those reviewers rated us superiorly to all other facilities around. This is quite a statement in you can take a look at our reviews by going to the Colaw Fitness.com website.

They are right there on the front page. Just click reviews. We also offer the greatest value in our memberships. So many people get caught up in price. Price is important but value encompasses each contributing variable into the equation. Because we have extremely low membership costs and we have all-inclusive benefits, our membership value is through the roof.

If you go to Colaw Fitness.com you can see a every benefit that every member has access to. It is listed on the front page. We would also encourage you to take a look at the testimonies in video testimonials. You will find stories in videos about success of our current members. This is real people achieving real results. We want you to achieve your desired results. We encourage you to put yourself in a place that increases the probability.

Colaw Fitness of Bartlesville (918-331-0404) has operators ready and waiting to take your call today. Even if it’s just a question or comment. Greeted with common courtesy and politeness. We highly encourage the Colaw Fitness.com website because it really has a lot of good information. You can see photos of all of the sites. You can read about the CEO Charles Colaw and his wife Amber the president.

There is a place that discusses the water for life campaign in Mozambique. A portion of every membership is donated to provide clean water to over 1500 people in Mozambique. They are currently drilling another well today. He very successful mission that you become a part of when joining Colaw Fitness. If there is anyway you can set up a free tour so that you can experience everything firsthand, it would speak volumes for you. It would help you to understand why we are the best fitness center in Bartlesville.