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Best Fitness Center in OKC | Trying a New Thing

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

Better days are just around the corner. At Colaw Fitness, we believe that all suffering eventually comes to an end. Therefore, though it may be difficult to begin, we hope that you will start something new. At Colaw Fitness, you will be backed up throughout the entire process. It is difficult to do something like this alone. Therefore, it is our mission to make sure that you do not have to. We are by your side through thick and thin. Many gyms would simply take your money and leave, but we do much more than that. At Colaw Fitness, we are focused on making sure that you have a healthy environment to thrive in.

Often times, this might be the only positive environment that people have near their homes. We have had numerous people that come in every day to avoid difficult home situations. As a result, we want to be a safe place for them to come in and improve themselves. Though it is a refining fire, we do not need to be refined by ourselves. Often times it is through community that we experience the most growth. If you are anything like me, this quarantine is revealing some of the worst sides of you. And if that is the case, the worst thing to do is to keep it to yourself. If this seems interesting to you, give us a call at 918-766-3353 for more information. We’re the best fitness center in OKC.

The people that are around us often have the unique experience of knowing all of who we are. That means that they see firsthand the good, the bad, and the ugly of our day to day lives. With this in mind, we find ourselves consistently growing in community. We’re the best fitness center in OKC. This is because they are able to reveal these things to us. They congratulate us on things that we excel in. Likewise, they encourage us and hold us accountable where we do not. Thus, it is important that we stop to consider the implications of this. These friends or colleagues form a crucible for us. Friendships soon become a refining fire. Thus, we grow stronger as a result of these relationships. With this in mind, we have the opportunity to grow within these communities.

Best Fitness Center in OKC

We’re the best fitness center in OKC. Colaw Fitness seeks to be exactly that. Few people have the opportunity to experience intentional community in a positive environment. As a result, they rarely receive feedback or encouragement from their friends. Unfortunately, this leads to a staling of character development in our lives. We find that our fifty-year-old selves were very similar to our thirty-year-old selves. Not much has changed in those precious decades. Now, this might not matter if you believe that we simply die and remain dead. However, we believe that who we are continues into eternity. If we are a joyful and generous person, we will be even more so into eternity. Similarly, if we are grouchy and easily irritated, we will continue to grow into that into eternity.

Unfortunately, we do not grow into kind and gracious people by accident. We’re the best fitness center in OKC. It is often through the intentional process of maturing. By doing so, we decide what type of person we would like to become. From there, we take small steps to get ever closer to that end goal of personhood. Additionally, we may find ourselves experiencing this in the midst of great suffering. It is often through suffering that people find themselves empathetic, kind, and generous. This is of course not something we would wish on anybody. Yet, when it does happen, great things can come as a result. Someone that has struggled with suicidal thoughts will empathize with someone else experiencing them.

They will do so in a way that very few people can. Therefore, suffering has produced in them the fruit that many people work long and hard for. It becomes a refining fire that hastens the entire process. As a result, they are able to take great care of the people around them. When we look at the world at large, many of the people that we look up to were once victims. Justin Wren, founder of Fight for the Forgotten, can speak much to this. It is because he was bullied as a child that he has chosen to fight it now for so many others. He is now an advocate for all of the bullied people here and around the world. This stands as a shimmering example of growth through suffering.

Now, do not get me wrong, suffering is not something we ought to wish on anybody. If we meet someone that is suffering, we ought to pray that it is immediately calmed. However, suffering is a reality of the world that we live in. Additionally, for whatever reason, it has the power to transform the lives of the people experiencing it. These people often become world changers that shape the realities of others. We’re the best fitness center in OKC.

Though we are not grateful for suffering, we are grateful for these people. It offers us some comfort to know that good can come from hardship. Even if that good is in a minute degree. Therefore, we can bear suffering as a discipline and know that it is for our refining. The apostle Paul gave these words to those that were being burned alive for their faith. He knew that something good would come if they only endured.

The same can be said at Colaw Fitness. When we come to our wit’s end, we might find ourselves exhausted. However, if we only persevere and accept it as discipline, a new day is coming. There will come a time that all suffering will end and only the purest gold will be left. We hope that you will join us in this at Colaw Fitness soon. Call us anytime for questions, comments, or concerns at 918-766-3353. Grace and peace to you. We’re the best fitness center in OKC.