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Best fitness center in Topeka | Not just a gym it’s a family

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

If you are looking for the best fitness center in Topeka, don’t look any harder! Colaw Fitness is not only one of the best gyms in Topeka, but it is also one of the best fitness centers. We are located at 5929 on 19th Terrace on Wanamaker. Come in anytime you’d like on any day that you’d like because we are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! If you would like to contact us regarding any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to give us a call at 785-409-8823. One of our friendly staff members will happily pick up the phone and help you out!

Our facility is equipped with everything you need! Yes, we have the basics like treadmills and weight centers. But we also have an open area without machines where you can use our jump ropes or resistance bands, or simply just do some push ups and sit ups at your own pace! We also have cardio, abs, and matrix machines! If you don’t know what matrix machines are, let me tell you! So Join one of the best fitness centers in Topeka for the best workouts possible.

Here at Colaw Fitness, our matrix machines are designed to help YOU get the best workouts YOU need. It is a piece of technology that keeps track of how much time you spend on each muscle group as well as the amount of reps you do. This advanced piece of technology can work out multiple muscle groups in one sitting! From your triceps to your chest muscles, and even your calf muscles! Get all your muscles work down here at the best fitness center in Topeka. Think of it like a personal trainer, except without the pressure of a real person! But, if you do need any help figuring out the kinks of the machine, feel free to ask one of our superb staff members for assistance!

Best fitness center in Topeka

While we are considered one of the best gyms in the city. It is important to note that we are also one of the best fitness centers in Topeka. We realize that going to the gym and taking care of yourself should not just be working out your muscles. With this in mind, we have many more amenities just for you! We have massages, tanning stations, and personal bathrooms to ensure that all of your needs are met when you come to Colaw Fitness! This is all included in your membership that starts as low as $5!

The gym’s massage chairs or even the hydro massages will help relax your muscles after you work them out. You can find the hydro massages in the massage room and you lay down on the inclined chair while water patterns mimic an actual massage. The best part is that you don’t even get wet! In the tanning room, you can experience an exceptional tan just like at a salon, but at no extra cost after your membership! These amenities are meant to give you the best experience possible at the best gym in the city! Always the best fitness center in Topeka.

Our private bathrooms are equipped with all of your bathroom needs. We have a shower for pre or post workout, just bring your own soap, flip-flops, and towels! There are also sinks with fresh smelling hand soap. And we are saving the environment by using air dryers instead of paper towels in the bathrooms. So stay clean at the best fitness center in Topeka. Our bathrooms also have benches to set down your gym bag while you do your business. Or if you need a clean place to take a quick rest. We promise that our bathrooms are cleaned multiple times a day to ensure that it is the cleanest it can be! If our bathrooms are not cleaned to your standard, just inform one of our lovely employees, and they will be happy to fix the problem for you!

Yes, we have amenities for you to feel and be your best self. But we also have amenities for you to take care of your belongings as well. With your membership, you can use one of the lockers here at Colaw Fitness, at no extra cost! You can find these lockers in our changing/locker rooms. Feel free to bring one of your own locks from home or go to the front desk and purchase a locker from one of our amazing staff members for the low cost of $7! We also have other items for sale such as water bottles, tanning lotion, or gym bags, too!

We have other ways for you to get a water bottle or gym bag, and in this case for free! If you leave us a Google Review, show someone at the front desk and you get the choice between a Colaw bag or Colaw water bottle. We value your feedback, so no matter what review you leave us on Google or Facebook, we will read it. With your feedback, we will know better what to improve upon. And what to continue doing to make your experience the best it can be. At Colaw, we want to make sure that we are doing everything we possibly can to make this the best gym in Topeka Kansas for our members.

You will find, however, that Colaw Fitness has stellar reviews because of our superb facility and wonderful staff members. We put a lot of effort into making sure that you have the best experience at a gym you can get. This includes being greet with a smile when you walk through the door. And making sure that you are greet with a “Thank you” as you leave. This also includes cleaning our gym multiple times a day with vacuuming, wiping down equipment, and even dusting our logo! Our gym wouldn’t be the best in the city if it wasn’t one of the cleanest!

Come to Colaw Fitness today and see how we are more than just a gym! Always making sure we are the best fitness center in Topeka. We are a fitness center that really cares about our members and making sure that you feel welcome here. Also, look up the “You Can Do This” podcast which is by our owners. And they will give you some working out tips and tricks! Check us out online by searching “Colaw Fitness” on the internet to read our genuine reviews or the opportunities we have for our members! Feel free to give us a call at 785-409-8823 to ask one of our lovely staff members any clarifying questions!