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Best fitness center in Topeka | Private Facilities and Public Wellness

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

Imagine this scenario: You just got off work after an exhausting day, and you are feeling tired, but you see your bright colored gym bag in the back seat. It is calling your name saying, “take me to the best gym in the city…let’s go work out…” It hits you that you still have to go work out this evening. You call Colaw Fitness, at the number 785-409-8823, to see if they are still open. The super sweet and understanding staff member informs you that they are open 24 hours and 7 days a week! That means that you could further your fitness journey after work, every day this week!

You get to the best fitness center in the city, after your drive through 5 o’clock traffic and you feel ready to conquer this day. When you walk in, you realize you are still in your work clothes. You know you couldn’t change in the work restroom, I mean, how embarrassing would it be if Deborah saw you in your workout clothes? Well, don’t worry about judgement here! At Colaw Fitness, show up in your work clothes or pajamas, and be greeted by non-judgemental staff no matter how you show up!

Instead of public restrooms, that can be quite intimidating, we have quite a few personal restrooms for all of your needs. Our private bathrooms are equipped with all the utilities you need to get ready for the best workout of your life! The bathrooms have clean sinks for hand washing and face washing (if you need it). The toilets are spotless with toilet paper always filled to prevent potential mishaps in the bathroom. One unique feature of our personal bathrooms are the personal showers for post workout. (Or maybe your pre-workout. We won’t judge you here at Colaw Fitness!) In bathrooms #5 and #6, there are removable shower heads to make sure you reach everything! Just bring your own towel, flip-flops, soap, and a change of clothes, and you can have a refreshing shower while at the best fitness center in the city of Topeka!

Best fitness center in Topeka

It is important to note that our bathrooms are cleaned multiple times a day to ensure that you get the cleanest and most fresh experience possible while at our gym. Our staff is committed to cleaning every area of the bathroom thoroughly to the customers’ standards. However, if the bathroom is not up to your standard, feel free to mention it to a staff member at the front desk, and we will take care of it as soon as we can! We could not call ourselves one of the best gyms in the city if we aren’t one of the cleanest! Always the cleanest here at the best fitness center in Topeka.

Not only are our personal bathrooms spotless and fresh, but we also keep our entire facility to the same standard. We wipe down every surface at the front desk and technology a few times a day. As well as the door handles to keep spread of germs to a minimum. We also do deep cleans to make sure that you feel at ease using equipment that a few people may have used before you. When we do deep cleans here at Colaw Fitness. We vacuum the carpets, sanitize the equipment, wipe down every surface, and even dust the Colaw logo. We promise you that one of the reasons why our gym is the best in the city is because it is the best fitness center in Topeka!

Are you worried about not having a space to put your work clothes, phone, keys, and other personal items? And would you rather not go back to your car before working out? Well don’t worry! We also have lockers to store your gym bag and work clothes in at no extra cost! You can either bring in your own lock or purchase one at the front desk for the low cost of $7. Feel free to stop by at the front desk for any other needs as well. Always giving you items with the best price here at the best fitness center in Topeka. We also sell plenty of other items from tanning lotions, the goggles, and water bottles. For any of your Fitness needs just ask the front desk staff, and we’ll be sure to help you.

Even if you are anxious about your personal belongings, just know that no matter what, your things will be safe here at Colaw! We do not have any tolerance for theft or any other disruptive behaviors. You can be sure that the friendly staff will not disturb your items. Because we are busy helping our wonderful customers like you! Our customers will be busy becoming their best selves that they will not disturb your personal things, either. We have cameras in the facility to ensure that not only are your items safe and sound. But also that YOU are safe and sound. So feel safe and sound in the best fitness center in Topeka.

However, if you have a late shift at work or you do not have the energy to get more fit until nighttime, that is not a problem! We are here for you. Colaw Fitness is open 24 hours, 7 days a week! So you can work out on YOUR schedule, with the same tools and equipment as everyone else! Our helpful and careful staff will make sure that you are able to work out in a safe and secure environment while at the best gym in the city. No matter what time it is!

We here at Colaw Fitness are determine to make your journey with weight loss. Or getting fit the best experience possible! We know that taking care of yourself does not always mean using equipment. Or working out to get the best shape for you. It also means taking care of your hygiene and having time to relax every now and then. Whether you come in at 12AM or 12PM, we will always have friendly staff ready to assist you with a clean facility ready to be used. If you want workout tips listen to the Colaw Podcast “You Can Do This”. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us at 785-409-8823. We can’t wait to help you on your journey here at the best fitness center in Topeka!