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Best fitness center in Topeka | The Staff is here for YOU!

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

Here at Colaw Fitness in Topeka we have such wonderful staff that can’t wait to greet you! We have everything you need to succeed here and the best environment to do it. Whenever you want to, make sure to stop by; we are located at 5929 SW 19th Terrace. So join us on our mission as we changed lives by making Jesus famous here at Colaw in Topeka. The staff here will always make sure that we are loving people and keeping it clean every single day. If you want your fitness needs met, at the best place for it, then just shoot us a call at (785) 409-8823. We can’t wait to see you here at one of the best fitness centers in Topeka!

Our staff is dedicated to making sure that you have the best experiences here at Colaw Fitness. A large part of that is making sure that you understand how the equipment works and everything that you have access to. Part of being a member is making sure that you know that you have access to what we call “orientation classes”. These classes are designed to help you get to know the ropes of Colaw Fitness and understand the equipment you can use while you are here. These informative and informal classes are taught by our wonderful staff here at the best fitness centre in Topeka. Remember that if you java any clarifying questions or you ever need extra help, you can always ask the front desk.

The front desk has an amazing staff who are more than happy that you chose the best fitness center in Topeka to workout, but also they are there to help you with supplies. At the front desk, you can purchase Colaw Fitness merchandise such as tank tops, shirts, hoodies, and even water bottles! We also have tanning lotion and tanning goggles available for purchase for our tanning stations in the gym. While we have locker rooms in the gym, we do not have locks to give to you, but the front desk has some for purchase ofr only $7. No matter what you need, the front desk will be ready to serve you to make sure you have the best gym experience you can.

Best fitness center in Topeka

Our amazing staff is dedicated to making sure the gym is in tip-top shape every time you visit. Especially with the situation of the pandemic, we assure you that our gym is clean and ready for use. We have a deep clean biweekly where we close our gym for a few hours to ensure that every surface is wiped down, dusted, vacuumed, etc. you name it! Also we ask that before and after you use our equipment, you use our cleaning solution and paper towels provided to wipe down the equipment that you use. We want to make sure that everyone has a positive experience at the best fitness center in Topeka, and making sure we are clean is part of that process.

Another part of making sure everyone has a positive experience at the best fitness center in Topeka is that we ask that no one is a gym jerk. This means that no one makes loud noises such as dropping weights or yelling in our gym. We also ask that everyone covers their torso and waist and that no one has a show off attitude. If someone is bothering you or you are a bother to someone, we will politely ask you to change your behavior or ask the gym-jerk to leave. We want to make sure that everyone has a positive experience at the gym, and gym jerks are never positive.

No matter which membership you have, you can have a buddy with you to make the experience so much better! The best pat is that this buddy comes at no extra cost to your membership AND they get the same amenities as you while at our gym. This means that they can enjoy the weights with you, but also the massage stations, too. Whether you have a day pass or a rewards membership, your loved one can join you to make your gym experience even better. We wouldn;t be the best gym in Topeka if we didn’t make our services accessible to others as well.

Because our staff is dedicated to making you have the best gym experience possivel. We pride ourselves on having helpful people be a part of our team. Sometimes you need help dealing with a gym jerk, well, our staff can help de-escalate the situation. Maybe it is the fact that you need something a bit more cleaned up than how it looks currently. Well, our staff will be happy to help you clean it in a jiffy!

If you have a question on how a piece of equipment works. Our amazingly helpful staff will be there to help you figure it out. Or sometimes you just need that extra push of encouragement and our staff can do that, too! Here at the best fitness center in Topeka, we are dedicate to you having a wonderful experience at the gym. So let our staff know how they can assist you whenever you need them.

One thing that proves that we are the best fitness center in Topeka is the fact that we have thousands of reviews proving that. We do not pressure our members to leave five star reviews because that wouldn’t be true to who we are. Our gym is just simply so amazing that our members want to share that with the world. Check out the reviews on Facebook or on Google to get a glimpse of how amazing Colaw Fitness is. From our equipment to cleanliness to amazing staff. The reviews will prove to you that we truly are one of the best fitness centers in Topeka.

Here at Colaw, we recognize that everyone is on a different path. And in a different place on their fitness journey. That is why we want to make sure that everyone understands that the staff is here for you no matter where you are at. We are dedicate to making sure you are help and feel satisfy with your gym experience. We promise to glorify God in our mission. And a big part of that is showing you how worth it you are here at COlaw. This is your journey and you should be proud of that. And we are simply here to just help you along the way. We have the resources for the best gym experience, now you are the last part of the equation. Come join us!

We always are making sure that we love people and keep it clean here at our Topeka gym. If you want to know more about our amazing deals, check out our website! It will lay it out for you in a very simple to read way. Maybe if you want to visit us in person instead. We can’t wait to see you in our gym at 5929 SW 19th Terrace. Take your fitness into your own hands you’re at one of the best places to work out in Topeka Kansas. Let us help you destroy those fitness goals here at our gym. Just give us a call at (785) 409-8823.