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Best Fitness Centers in Oklahoma City | Simple Steps for Keeping in Shape Over Summer

This content was created for Colaw Fitness.

Are you looking for the best fitness centers in Oklahoma City because you’re ready to stay in shape over the summer? Then be sure to come check us out at Colaw Fitness OKC. Our fitness centers are twenty four hour access and our memberships are as low as five dollars per month. Furthermore, all our memberships are all inclusive. That means all members have access to tanning, massage, great workout equipment, classes, locker rooms and more. Don’t waste any more time, come visit us today for a tour or call us at 405-838-1644 with any membership questions.

Maybe you’ve worked hard and are already at a place where you feel comfortable but you want to know how to maintain. We get it. If you’re looking to keep in shape over the summer then listen up because we have some great tips for you.

If you’re already seeing results, you likely already recognize the importance of consistency. Consistency is key when seeking fitness results. At Colaw Fitness, one of the best fitness centers in Oklahoma City, we offer the convenience of twenty four hour access. That makes consistency more achievable for people with varying schedules. First we are going to talk about achieving consistency within your workout regimen.

Best Fitness Centers in Oklahoma City

Furthermore, Colaw Fitness offers a variety of workout equipment to meet various workout types. For example, we have cardio equipment, resistance machines, and free weights. Our cardio equipment includes rowing machines, treadmills, ellipticals, and a variety of bikes too. Resistance machines are great for full body workouts but there is added convenience to this equipment because they are easy to adjust. If you would like some guidance on how to use the resistance machines, Colaw Fitness offers free orientations to our members and their guests. During these orientations, participants are taught how to use the equipment and what a good starting point would be for them. We also offer free orientation for the cardio equipment too.

The next step for keeping in shape over the summer is following your nutrition plan. Just because you have reached your goals does not mean you should revert back to unhealthy habits. At Colaw Fitness, one of the best fitness centers in Oklahoma City, we offer a free fitness and nutrition program called the CF-30. This program is available for our members and their guests. During the duration of this forty five minute course, we discuss our suggested fitness and nutrition regimens. Additionally, the owners of Colaw Fitness, Amber and Charles Colaw, have created a CF-30 resource available to purchase from any Colaw Fitness location.

Lastly, in order to keep in shape over summer, be accountable. Something that makes Colaw Fitness one of the best fitness centers in Oklahoma City is that we allow our members to bring a guest for free any time and as often as they want. In fact, these guests get the same access as members do. Therefore, this allows for guests and members to hold one another accountable in reaching their fitness goals together. For example, our members and their guests can attend our orientations and CF-30 course together. Bringing a friend for free is a great option for couples, best friends, or family members too.

As we previously mentioned, Colaw Fitness membership rates are as low as five dollars per month. This membership is known as our reward membership. Reward members attend our fitness centers at least twelve days per month or more. In order to achieve the lowest possible membership rate. In months in which our reward members are unable to attend at least twelve days or more. Then they pay only a slightly higher but still very reasonable rate for that month. Then the following month the check-in count starts over, giving the reward members the fresh opportunity to achieve the lowest possible monthly rate again.

Colaw Fitness currently has five fitness centers across four states with plans to continue expanding. We are currently located in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. Colaw Fitness members have access to all five fitness centers. Furthermore, if our reward members check in at any of our five locations. One check in per day will count toward the reward membership twelve check ins required. Our members can attend as many times per day as they would like. However, only one check in per day will count toward the reward membership.

At Colaw Fitness, our company motto is you are worth it. We strive to communicate this through the positive atmosphere we provide. All five Colaw Fitness locations stream Christian music. Are decorated with positive words and phrases, and our staff is friendly too. Our staff strives to provide clean fitness centers at all of our locations. We hope that our members and guests feel welcome and encouraged every time they visit our fitness centers. Furthermore, we love to host member appreciation night the first Monday evening of every month. Each location’s appreciation night may vary slightly. Nonetheless, we enjoy celebrating our members. We also like to share our members’ success stories too. You can view real member reviews and success stories on our YouTube channel. We hope these member videos will encourage and motivate you. Be sure to subscribe for updates too.

In conclusion, Colaw Fitness is one of the best fitness centers in Oklahoma City. For our convenient access to a wide variety of perks at an incredibly low monthly rate. Don’t forget that all memberships are all inclusive and all members can bring a friend for free. Colaw Fitness memberships include access to great workout equipment, tanning, massage, classes, and more. In order to keep up with your fitness progress this summer, remain consistent with your fitness routines and nutrition plans. As well as being accountable to following your plans. Come check us out today or give us a call at 405-838-1644 with any membership questions. Join us today because you are worth it!