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Best Gym In Bartlesville | A Fantastic Fitness Center

content written for Colaw Fitness.

Look no further because the Best Gym in Bartlesville has an offer you can’t refuse. Colaw Fitness of Bartlesville (918-331-0404) is the front runner in best gym in Bartlesville for numerous reasons. First – voted best gym in Bartlesville for 10 years . This is and excellent track record for service to the community.

Secondly, we feel that our staff in their service makes us the best gym in Bartlesville. We have the most courteous and generous staff on the planet. You will always find them welcoming members with joyful hearts. Encouraging the downtrodden and motivating everyone. We care about our members at Colaw Fitness. Our goal is for them to succeed above and beyond themselves. Our staff invests time and effort into building up our members so that they have the best opportunity to achieve this. We are a Christian fitness facility operating on simple biblical teachings.

First to love God and second to love others. We are to be kind and thoughtful to our fellow man. We should provide encouragement and direction to those wondering and lost. Constantly play positive, uplifting Christian music over the stereo system. This is just another investment into the positive reinforcement we provide a Colaw Fitness of Bartlesville.

One other reason we are the best gym in Bartlesville is we are the highest rated. The highest rated and most reviewed fitness facility in the area. Not only do we have a large section of people providing reviews, we also score superiorly in all areas. In data collection, the larger the number involved, the more significant the data becomes. Therefore, Colaw Fitness is significantly more superior in every aspect surveyed.

We have a lot of equipment that is current and modern. We have a vast array of cardio equipment available. Things like treadmills, stair steppers, elliptical machines, and running machines. Also stationary bicycles, recombinant bicycles, and rowing machines. If you are into weights we have free weights, barbells, dumbbells, kettle balls, Smith machines, elastic bands, tug-of-war ropes, and much more. We offer a vast array of lifting machines that are. Designed to get you into proper bio kinetic form.

Lowest price gym Bartlesville Bartlesville Best Fitness Center Colaw Fitness Massage Bed

They will position you to stimulate the most muscle yet minimize the risk for injury. These machines are excellent for beginner to professional. The crowd favorite of the best gym in Bartlesville is the cable pulley system. This is a very elaborate system that allows you a multitude of options for attachments. There are multiple places to raise the pulley system to the ceiling or back down to the floor.

You have access to complete range of motion. This is very important for those wanting to stimulate stubborn areas or lagging in result. A really cool piece of equipment for sure. We have things like leg press machines, squat racks, bench, inclined, and decline racks. Leg extensions, calf raises, Smith machines, and much more. There is not enough room to list everything at Colaw Fitness of Bartlesville.

For as little as one dollar down and as low as five dollars a month you can be a member. An extremely low membership cost available to everyone. There is no long-term contract necessary. We offer a no risk moneyback guarantee to ensure 100% satisfaction. Membership allows 24 hours a day and seven days a week access to the gym. We believe fitness should be made available always. We have free unlimited tanning available. This is a very popular benefit. Are tanning units arm well-maintained and monitored for proper functioning.

We always keep the cleaning supplies stocked and we monitor the units to ensure safety/security. We offer free Wi-Fi throughout the building. There are a huge number of HDTV’s sporadically placed for members entertainment. We offer free trainer instruction and free nutritional instruction. For anyone beginning there fitness journey, this can be a wealth of information. Another popular benefit is the bring your friend for free benefit. This benefit is self-explanatory in the good news is that there are no limits to friend visits.

There are no limits to availability of benefits for the friend. This is a great way to have a 2-for-1 cost savings. We have free lockers, free clean and private showers, and free and private dressing area. A benefit that has really increased in popularity is free massage chairs and free Hydra massage beds. Located in a newly enclosed area. The massage area goal is to increase relaxation and decrease stress.

Colaw Fitness of Bartlesville (918-331-0404) has everything you could ever want in the fitness center. The modern look with blue florescent lighting is pleasing to the eye. Newly remodeled areas increase attractiveness. The member atmosphere is out of this world and what really makes it special. If you have any questions, feel free to call the number above.

You could also go to Colaw Fitness.com and there you will find a wealth of information. We encourage you to read testimonies in video testimonials you will find. These are real people achieving real results. There is some information about the water for life campaign and the Colaw Fitness contributions involved. We have a member appreciation celebration once per month. During this time Colaw Fitness provides free pizza for all in attendance. Food, fun, and fellowship are had by all. A one year free membership is given to anyone who influences the signing up of three new members during this night.

You will see those award winners on the website as well. You are encouraged to check out Charles and Amber’s fitness Tip of the week, also on the website. Don’t worry, just give us a call if you need any assistance or would prefer it. We would love it if you would come by for a free tour. You can see the difference for yourself. You will also be able to confirm everything stated above. We looked forward to seeing you very soon. God bless