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Best Gym In Bartlesville | Definitely a Super Fitness Facility

content written for Colaw Fitness.

Who offers the best gym in Bartlesville? If you have to pause, then we have something special for you. Colaw Fitness of Bartlesville (918-331-0404) is the best gym in Bartlesville for number of reasons. We just recently remodeled both inside and outside. If you haven’t been by the facility, we recently added awesome florescent blue signage to the front of the building.

Modernized interior and lighting also infused. We closed in the massage area to improve noise reduction. We recently replaced some old equipment with much memory equipment. Colaw Fitness is constantly striving to update and improve in every area of the fitness experience. We have added several slogans to the walls. We replace the old cable machine with an elaborate cable system.

There are lots of targeted weight machines designed to isolate muscle groups and avoid injury. We have the same free weight options with more dumbbells. We got a new calf raise machine. Several stations for bench, incline, and decline. We would encourage you to stop by for free tour if you have not seen the updates. It will be worth your time.

We are still the best gym in Bartlesville and still rated number one in Bartlesville gyms for 10 years running. We are the highest rated and most reviewed fitness facility in the area. This is significant because of the large cross-section of the public who took part in the reviews. The results still say Colaw Fitness has superior ratings to all other facilities. This is just the beginning of why Colaw Fitness is the best gym in Bartlesville.

If this sparks your interest, you should check out our website@ColawFitness.com. Here you will find a wealth of information that will help you understand what is going on here. There is a great layout of what all-inclusive benefits include. All-inclusive means our memberships include every benefit that is offered at Colaw Fitness. There are a lot of member testimonies about their journey at Colaw Fitness. There are video testimonials from people who have achieved great success.

Reminder, these are real people achieving real success. We also offer videos about other award winners as well. Such as the one year free membership that is. Awarded to anyone who influences the signing three members during membership appreciation night. There is information concerning the water for life campaign. For each new membership at Colaw Fitness a portion is donated to this great cause.

Lowest price gym Bartlesville Bartlesville Best Fitness Center Colaw Fitness Massage Bed

The water for life campaign is responsible for the discovery and availability of potable/clean water sources in Mozambique, East Africa. The website offers a video of the gratitude of the people to whom the clean water has revitalized their spirits. The recent campaign was able to access a well providing a clean water source that was a fraction of the distance from the previous location.

They were having to travel over 8 miles for clean water. Now, it is easily accessible. We believe in the restoration of hope and providing for God’s children when they cannot provide for themselves. We live so abundantly here in America. It is easy to forget the struggle occurring around the globe in Third World impoverished countries. Also, the global water shortage epidemic is only beginning.

If we do not begin conservation efforts immediately, we will have an all out water shortage epidemic. You might think it simple to generate a water molecule. However, you would be sadly mistaken. Atmospheric hydrogen gas and ozone coupled with lightning is the main source of freshwater generation. Hydrogen gas is very explosive and lightning contains an immense amount of electricity. Currently it is not safe or economical to generate synthetic water.

Colaw Fitness of Bartlesville (918-331-0404) continues its legacy as the best gym in Bartlesville. We offer extremely low membership cost. Each membership is all-inclusive. Too many other gyms in Bartlesville operate on the tiered system. Where low-cost has low benefits. High-costs come with high benefits. That system is archaic and no longer practical. Today, a membership is available for as little as one dollar down and as low as five dollars per month.

This is a cost that will increase availability in all income brackets. Members enjoy access to the gym 24 hours a day and seven days a week. There is no long-term contract that is necessary. This guarantees member satisfaction and 100%. We offer free unlimited tanning. You do not have to exercise to enjoy tanning only.

It is your choice how many benefits you engage in. Free massage chairs and free Hydra massage beds are available in the massage area. Again, this was reconstructed. To improve sound control and promote a more real thing environment. We have free trainer instruction and we have free nutritional instruction. You can bring a friend for free with no limits on friend visits.

Enjoy the benefits with no limitation either. A great way to enjoy a 2-for-1 membership. We offer free lockers, private dressing areas, and private restrooms. We have free Wi-Fi throughout the facility. Lots of big HD TVs for member entertainment. Every month, we have a membership appreciation night. Colaw Fitness provides free pizza. It is a time of food, fun, and fellowship. Win a one year free membership at Colaw Fitness.

If someone is skilled enough to. Influence the signing up of three new members on membership night. We celebrate a year of free membership with them. There are many ways Colaw Fitness gives back. We take care of our members and we take care of our staff. We do it all for our members here at the best gym in Bartlesville. Come by or give us a call and we can help to begin enjoying fitness again. Thank you for your time.