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Best Gym in Bartlesville | Happiness Is Waiting For You

content written for Colaw Fitness

918-766-3353 is the number to call to reach the Best Gym in Bartlesville! We are Colaw Fitness. A gym, a fitness center, a retreat for peace, and so much more. Thank you for checking out our website. We appreciate your curiosity and hope you’ll take a moment to read more. Honestly, we would rather you come take a free, no obligation tour of our facility right now. Someone is there right now cleaning and welcoming and waiting to share the great news of all that is inside. There is no secret to being in shape, fit, healthy, sexy, whatever any of those mean to you that you desire.

We all grew up being told about the results of eating and moving on our human forms. All too often, life causes us to dodge and distract and crazily pursue the good life in bad forms. Things that may seem “good right now” also aren’t always the best thing for the future. Everyone has a completely different reason for coming to Colaw Fitness. No matter the reason, we have what you are looking for.

Are you up late surfing the internet? Do you glance around your device now and then and maybe there is an infomercial on TV with some new doodad promising miracles in minutes for mere dollars of investment? Is there a commercial on your streaming feed about the greatest hunk of metal and rubber that chisels weaklings into warriors in weeks? A million reasons lead people to the Best Gym in Bartlesville, but only one keeps them coming back. Happiness. Our members and their guests experience happiness with Colaw Fitness.

Happiness of monetary value. We never want anyone to avoid being their best self over money. For less than the price on one fancy, mixed, stirred, sauced, and topped coffee drink, you can be a full facility user! Not only that, so can your guest. It’s your guest. Bring a new one with you every time you work out, or grab your partner and motivate each other together day after day.

Happiness of progress is one of the greatest feelings in life. Progress reflects growth. This is the same for the cities and the humans. Your physique is a large reflection of your investment into it. Results are ongoing and motivational. Happiness of safety and security are internally beneficial without you even acknowledging. If you know your environment protects you from harm, you are able to relax into yourself and be present. A staff member being feet away will assure your safety from harm or in case of injury. Happiness of cleanliness. Cleanliness directly affects healthiness. We are the Best Gym in Bartlesville also because we clean non-stop. If you have ever washed your work out laundry, you know some funk can be created in a short time. We prefer our music and members to be funky, not our restrooms and equipment. People work out constantly, so we clean constantly.

Happiness of knowledge. Colaw Fitness hires and trains the greatest staff you can find. Our staff contains folks from all walks of life. Just like our members. We bond with our members like family and treat them like welcome guests at the holiday event. The event is you! Your goals and happiness are brought in and treated with respect and reverence. We teach you and learn about you all at once.

You teach us your journey and we hitchhike along and add years of fitness and health knowledge. Maybe you were once an Olympic quality athlete and time has left you in the shadows. Come back to it and it will come back to you. Even though you can never go home again, you can make your home comfortable no matter where time has placed you in it. Bring us your knowledge and we will grow together. No one knows everything, but we all know the value of happiness.

Happiness is contagious. Your mood can affect the moods of everyone around you, and theirs to yours. Why not spread happiness? Happiness and laughter are the best, free, natural medicines we can have and give freely. The state of being happy and happiness are related, but not quite the same. Going to an event can make you happy. Contributing to a celebration instills happiness. You are that celebration. Your family and friends celebrate you and you should celebrate yourself. The better you feel, the better you are for everyone else.

Our members can always bring a guest with them and share the happiness. Our staff knows the happiness in every Colaw Fitness and shares it the moment you walk in the door. We enjoy interacting with our members and guests and do what we can to keep them on track. You may just want nothing more than to come get a relaxing massage at the end of your days. The Best Gym in Bartlesville can provide that relief and perhaps plant the seeds of happiness within.

Just give us a call today and hear the happiness in our voices at 918-766-3353. We are excited to tell you all about Colaw Fitness because it is our truth. Fitness is our life, not just our lifestyle. No one is selling you what we have at Colaw FItness. The Best Gym in Bartlesville isn’t going to offer you the moon and the sun on a trailer full of fertilizer. We simply know, without any doubt, whatsoever, that we can help each other achieve and maintain happiness. Please come in and take a tour today. Come bring us your happiness, your progress, and your great energy. When the battery gauge is flashing near empty, in life, there is something inside every facility to help you charge it right back up in no time.

From our monthly appreciation celebrations to our exciting new products and promotions, no one leaves feeling empty. Random hugging can be seen all over the place. Members have met and fell in love across the ellipticals and gone on to marry. Best friends have been found and bonds are created constantly. Don’t let any negative thoughts about working out, fitness, health, body image, aging, or something that someone made you feel imperfect for once, affect you one day longer. You are vital and you are important. You are necessary and you are the best you that you can be today. Let us help you do more with tomorrow or continue the greatness that you already are. There is no other facility that offers you so much for so little. See you soon!