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Best Gym in Bartlesville | The Best of Bartlesville

Content written for Colaw Fitness

Are you ready to experience the best, cleanest, and friendliest gym with the most benefits that Bartlesville has to offer? Then come and check out Colaw Fitness and see why we’re the highest rated and most reviewed gym in Bartlesville! We offer you not only the cheapest rates in town, but we also offer the best benefits on the planet! At Colaw Fitness, we work hard to ensure that you step into the friendliest and cleanest gym every single day. Come see for yourself and remember to bring a friend, because you can bring a friend for free every time!

We always offer you the best and cleanest equipment in town, to help you reach your fitness goals. You will not find a gym in Bartlesville that will be as encouraging or helpful as Colaw Fitness always is! With cheap rates and free benefits for signing up, it’s easy to see why we’re the best gym in Bartlesville. You can have full access to our gym for a full 24 hours to try it out for only $5! Experience the difference and enjoy all the free benefits that come with our memberships and we guarantee you’ll love it.

Imagine being able to workout, tan, and massage, for only $5 a month and you can bring a friend for free! You get to enjoy two memberships for less than the price of one membership at other gyms in Bartlesville Oklahoma! As long as you have $1 down, and can visit 12 or more times a month, then you’ll pay $5! With this plus all the free perks of being a member, you’ll see why we’re the best gym in Bartlesville. Don’t wait any longer, grab your friend and head down to Colaw Fitness today and meet with our friendly staff.

You will love our extensive cardio options, which help to strengthen your heart and burn fat through many different options. We offer many treadmills in our gym so you can still get your run on, even during the peak hours! If you’re tired of always using a treadmill, then we still have plenty of cardio options for you as well. With several ellipticals, you can still get the benefits of running as well as less inpact on all your joints. Our elliptical section is a crowd favorite here at Colaw, and with pre-programmed workouts, you will never get bored!

best gym in bartlesville

Another great cardio option that we have for you are our stair climbers, which provide a more challenging calorie burn. Once you select your workout, the stairs start to move and you’ll be burning fat in no time at all. The stair climbers provide not only a fantastic cardio workout, but they make a great addition to leg day as well. You can adjust the speeds of the stairs as well, to make it more or less challenging depending on goals. Our climbers are the perfect addition to any workout, and are also a favorite of our members here in Bartlesville.

If you’re still wanting to get some extra cardio, but are looking for something different, check out our row machines! Row-row-row your way into fitness with our easy to use row machines located amongst all our cardio equipment. All you simply have to do is pick up the handles and start rowing, and the machine will turn on. The seat glides back and forth as you challenge yourself to beat your own efforts thanks to the display screen.

Another amazing cardio option that we provide is our bicycles, which are perfectly placed near our selection of television sets. The time will fly by like no other when you’re watching one of our many channels during your cardio routine. Once you start to pedal, they will turn on and you can select a program or go your own pace. If you’re new to any of our cardio equipment, then our Bartlesville staff will always help you to get started. Come by and see why our members are calling us the best gym in Bartlesville, and voted us best in Bartlesville!

We also have a large selection of machines, hammer strength machines, and free weights which are perfect for any workout. Don’t forget to try out our cable machines either, where you can complete a full body workout in one spot. With many different accessories to use on the machines, our cable machines are a favorite amongst our weight based equipment. Our Matrix machines are perfect for all levels of fitness, and they even count your reps and times for you! If you’re a beginner, then we have the perfect benefit for you and a guest, which is our free training instruction.

As the best gym in Bartlesville, we will walk you through each machine personally, to ensure your comfortable with them. At other gyms they may offer training instruction, but not at the benefits and prices that Colaw Fitness offers you. We are dedicated to giving you the best experience possible and the most success no matter what your fitness level. We can’t wait to give you a tour so you can see why we are the best gym in Bartlesville. Don’t forget to visit our free tanning and massages areas, which are sure to put a smile on your face.

Once you give us a visit, you’ll easily see why we’re the best gym in Bartlesville and on the planet. We offer you the cheapest prices, most benefits, friendliest staff ever, and the cleanest gym that you will ever see. Our customer service can’t be beat on top of everything else that we offer to our members and their guests. With the most positive, uplifting, and encouraging atmosphere in all of Bartlesville, you’ll want to join our family right away. We can’t wait to show you what we have to offer, so bring a friend and get a tour today!