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Best Gym in OKC | OKC is our new home

Content Written for Colaw Fitness

We are so excited about becoming the best gym in OKC. We have the utmost confidence that we offer something that no other gym in the area can offer. With the unique, positive and uplifting culture that we bring. It will be refreshing to the consumer base there to find a gym like ours. We truly believe that it won’t take long for us to become the best gym in OKC. As well as to make that clear to all consumers in the area. With us offering our $1 down, $5 a month membership fee, it is a no-brainer to come and work out at our gym. We find joy in catering to our clientele and helping them get the results that they truly desire.

We know that whenever you come to a gym you’re looking to make sure that they have the best equipment necessary for what you want to get done. This ranges from weight lifting, cardio, tanning, pulley machines, abdominal machines, and even entertainment to make sure that you don’t get bored while working out. We make sure that we offer a clean facility for you to enjoy. Also ensure that you will have the privacy and security that you need. We know that you want to have private showers and private restrooms. And along with that privacy we also add in a free locker to use while working out.

We have been told multiple stories of people working out at gyms and the locker rooms being very open so that everybody can see what’s going on. Believe that privacy is essential for those in a gym because not everybody wants to see everything that goes on. We also like to provide free lockers because we don’t want you to worry about your personal belongings while you’re working out. We want you to be focus on the mission that you came to complete. Whether that is to get stronger muscles or to lose weight we want that to be the main focus for you while you’re at our gym. Setting goals for yourself is very good and essential for you getting certain things done while in the gym.

Best Gym in OKC

For example, if somebody wanted to lose weight, they would be more inclined to get on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Or if somebody wanted to focus on getting stronger they would lift a particular muscle for three sets. But if you are not one to set goals and are confused about what you should do while in the gym, we have free trainers and fitness tips to help you get the results you want. What we love about Colaw Fitness is that our culture is a positive and uplifting one. Also the atmosphere is very friendly.

Our friendly staff is always working. So we will be able to help you get the advice from trainers and the nutrition tips that we offer for you to get better. We are confident that we will be the best gym in OKC because of our previous track record. We have established gyms in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and in Topeka, Kansas and both of those gyms have done tremendously well. In fact, they were voted best of Topeka, and best of Bartlesville. We know that there are gyms already establish in the market but we are also aware that they do not offer the things that we do.

With this $1 down $5 a month membership fee it also includes you bringing in a free guest. Bring them with you every single time you come to work out. There aren’t a lot of gyms that offer free guests nowadays. To be honest I can’t think of one off the top of my head. We do it for you every time. We want every one to experience the benefit of working out at Colaw Fitness. If that means bringing in someone for free then so be it. Have a culture that is unique in the fitness center field. That is another reason why we know that we will have the best gym in OKC.

Our gym is something that you would call all-inclusive. Because it ranges from tanning beds and massage chairs to cardio equipment and nutrition tips. We really do cover every base to ensure that you, the member or guest, gets the best experience possible. Our pricing really cannot be beat and we know that, and that’s why we said it the way we do. We think it would be beneficial for you to pay minimum to get the maximum gain at a gym. Want to make sure your experience is great and who wants to pay an arm and a leg to work out? We urge you not to pay more. Just pay the regular $1 down $5 a month with us and we’ll take care of you.

At the forefront of this unique culture idea, is the fact that we put God first and all that we do. You can see this demonstrated by our employees, and by the type of music that we play over our speakers. Unlike other gyms that play explicit music and music that is questionable for younger and older age groups, we play Christian music. We’ll play music that is upbeat and encouraging but nothing that will have explicit content. That type of music really is not necessary to complete a good workout. Our hope for you is to experience the best workout possible. For you to possibly encounter God while at our gyms.

We are so excited to move to Oklahoma City and be the best gym in OKC. Because we truly desire for you to come out and experience for yourself. We think that you would benefit from working out at one of our facilities. Why not come out to Oklahoma City and try us out? With the minimum cost of $1 down $5 a month you get an all-inclusive Jam that will cater to the needs of you and will give you a time to remember. Don’t forget you can bring a guest with you on every single visit and that alone should open your eyes to why we are the best gym in OKC. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon.