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Best Gym in Oklahoma City | We Are All Becoming Someone

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

Every year on January first, millions of people ask themselves who they want to be in the year to come. This practice has become a ritual where reflect on the trajectory of our lives. That being, who are we becoming, and do we like that person? The best gym in Oklahoma City asks itself that same question, and want to help however we can. Let us help you make this year categorically different than the rest. Whereas past years were filled with frustration and failure, this one will be different. If you are interested, call us at 918-766-3353 for more information.

We are all becoming someone. Dallas Willard said it best in this quote. He says, “Everyone gets…formation, it’s like education. Everyone gets an education. It’s just a matter of which one you get.” Therefore, should we haphazardly wander through life letting ourselves do whatever we feel like? Not at all! We should consider who we want to be and begin doing things that will lead us to it. For example, if I want to be a physically healthy eighty-year-old, I’ll need to start now. I will need to begin doing things now that will manifest themselves in the way I want down the line. With that in mind, we cannot do too much in becoming who we want to be.

At the best gym in Oklahoma City, the common misconception is that you can do whatever you want while young. However, most elderly people that we see in the gym claim their current state results from their thirties. The decisions they made them affected them for decades to come. That being said, these affects can be either positive or negative. We can choose to stretch regularly, this will lead to fewer aches in old age. Again, we can choose to eat healthy. As a result, we are less likely to suffer from heart disease.

Best Gym in Oklahoma City

Therefore, it is imperative that we begin to take our long term health seriously. When taking advice on this subject, it is always good to listen to the older generations. Often times, they have great advice for young people! This is especially apparent when it comes to long term health. When you are healthy, it never crosses your mind. However, it is when you are aging and sick that you wish you could reconsider your past choices.

The best gym in Oklahoma City, Colaw Fitness, has integrated systems to help you with just that. We have created easy to follow meal plans that will leave you feeling better than before. Similarly, we also provide exercise routines that will leave your eighty-year-old self thanking you. Alongside that, we supply a comforting atmosphere that will help lower your risk for depression and anxiety. Both of these are common in our day because we continue to do only what we want. Of course, all of this seems delightful in the moment. However, take those decisions and stretch their impact out sixty years, and we start to see the real implications. That is why at Colaw Fitness, we want to create a counterculture where people do not consider momentary comfort.

The owner of the best gym in Oklahoma City, Charles Colaw, says it best. “Either we feel the pain of delayed gratification, or the pain of regret.” We are continually faced with a Y in the road. Therefore, we can either choose to do what feels good, or what we know is right. At Colaw Fitness, we only hire people with incredibly high ethics for this reason. A person with high ethics will choose to do the right thing even when nobody is watching. Consider a boat that is crossing the Atlantic Ocean. If that boats course were off by even a minutia of a degree, its landfall would be drastically different. Whereas it intended on docking in Main, it might find itself in the Florida Keys. It is the same for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual lives.

This does not only occur on a personal level however. As in most things, there is also a deep social dynamic at play. Our encouragement can do wonders at helping guide people towards positive decisions! For example, you see somebody in the gym struggling with their workout. You can make a real impact by simply encouraging them to keep it up! That will plant a seed of hope in their mind for the hard times.

When they feel like they want to quit, they will remember your words and keep on going. Therefore, this is an act of service that we cannot pass up! It is as easy as a five minute conversation or even a thumbs up. If this is a place that we live from, we will find ourselves surrounded by people looking for that encouragement. Does that not sound much better than doing everything alone, without any community support?

Hopefully with this in mind, joining the best gym in Oklahoma City will be a no-brainer. Deciding to start exercising can lead to a plethora of positive benefits. As a result, we will find ourselves grateful for the decision we made at the beginning of our journey. It is only difficult now because our habits tell us the absolute opposite. Whereas exercising helps us feel better in the long run, sitting on the couch feels immensely better in the moment. If someone just beginning their fitness journey tells you they never experience this, they are lying to you. Unfortunately, beneficial things rarely if ever come easily. In the same way, the best views rarely are seen by car. More often than not it takes real effort to climb a mountain to see a beautiful sunset.

In conclusion, Colaw Fitness stands a notch above the rest as the best gym in Oklahoma City. We regularly encourage our members to make difficult decisions that will payoff down the line. This creates a positive, uplifting environment that glorifies God. We hope you become a part of our family! We look forward to encouraging to keep making tough decisions. If you would like to learn more, simply give us a call at 918-766-3353. Grace and peace to you.