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Best gym in Topeka | Better to change workouts or keep the same? | Colaw Fitness

Hey, we’re Charles and Amber Colaw here at the fitness tip of the week. So we always suck some great information out of this brain for a fitness tip for you. We do have a lot of people ask us very often, is it good to keep my workout this same or to change it up? So how would you answer that?

Well, I think a lot of people, they want to switch things up all the time and they hear about new fitness trends all the time. And it kind of gets them off track and they’re inconsistent. So, I mean, overall as a fitness trainer, I’ve really, really seen the best results in people that keep the routines very consistent, their workout times, very consistent.

And most of the actual exercises they do are pretty much, very, very much the same. I do believe that variations of that can have some benefit to the muscles and so on like that, for sure. There’s definitely some benefit to that. But the biggest issue is people following set routines and they’re hard starters and bad finishers they’ll work really hard for a week or two.

And then they drop off for a couple of weeks and then, Oh, I gotta get back to the best gym in Topeka. So what we want to do is really keep things the simple and the same, especially when you’re first starting off, having a set workout, same day, same time, same exercises, keep everything very, very much simple in the same. And even for us as veteran exercisers, we’ve been doing this for many years.

I have not missed a weekend exercise and working out since eighth grade and I’m almost 40. So the whole point is, is I have a lot, I’ve done some variations, but I’ve kept very, very similar routines and your body changes a little bit slower over time than just immediate. And so keeping set routines really challenging yourself on those exercises to push yourself hard.

Really get mind, muscle tension, get some good exercise out of it, really focusing on getting a good workout while you’re doing those exercises is even more beneficial than just switching things up, trying new trends because they don’t seem to last, most people fall off track.

Well, and I would say kind of to tie into that is a lot of fitness tips that we’ve done over time. We talk a lot about people who don’t have time and how can I get something in if every day you go to the best gym in Topeka, you’re kind of trying to dig up in your mind and create and figure out what your workout is and what you’re going to do. When thinking about what you did last time, then you’re kind of all over the place.

You’re actually spending a lot more time in the best gym in Topeka than you need to. So for us, it doesn’t change. It’s the same rotation. It’s a four day and it never stops. So every single day we’re headed to the gym. We knew exactly what muscle group we’re going to work. It doesn’t change. And we’re in and we work that muscle group and we’re out. Yep.

It’s really mind freeing to what I mean by mind, freedom is anytime you have to critically think and try to make a decision in the gym, it creates this mental frustration. They call it cognitive dissonance. It’s a mental frustration. She’d get to the gym. You’re like, am I supposed to do? Or what are we working out? And it actually causes an unpleasant experience with the gym.

So anytime you have to critically think, and then really put that into work in a gym, you don’t have a plan. It’s not simple. It’s not the same. It creates a little bit of mind frustration and just being able to go work out. And so the goal is, is keep things simple and the same. So your action step is get a routine and stick to it.

Get the same time, keep things the routine simple, keep it the same, but push yourself really hard on it. And then really hone down on a really clean diet because the diet is 70 to 80% of the results.

So this is Charles and Amber Colaw, that’s the fitness tip. You guys have a wonderful week. We’ll see you guys next week. Bye-Bye.

Best gym in Topeka

Best gym in Topeka