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Best gym in Topeka | Focus on eating healthy foods | Colaw Fitness Reviews

Hi, we’re Charles Colaw, Amber Colaw. And we are here with the win of the week and we’re going to give you the win of the week, a fitness tip and a notable quotable. And then some actions steps for you to be successful. Yes, no. So the win of the week is Chandler and Chandler has lost 25 pounds.
Congratulations Chandler by making us the best gym in Topeka!

and the fitness tip is to make sure that you’re eating healthy, that you’re putting the healthy food in your body. Everybody knows that our body, um, is basically like a vehicle. If you put like half water and half gas in your gas tank, it’s not going to run very well. So we want to make sure that you are educated on how to put the right things in your body so that it performs correctly and get the results for fat loss and toning up that you’re wanting.

So, um, we wanna make sure that you know how to do that and so on, and we can help you with that. The fitness tip is to make sure you’re eating healthy so that you could be successful like Chandler and lot losing 25 pounds. So, um, what is the notable quotable for the week, Amber. Okay. Notable, quotable, I think twice before you speak because your words and influence, will put the seed of either success or failure into the mind of another.

And that’s by Napoleon Hill. Yes. And Napoleon Hill is a wonderful author, wrote a book called think and grow rich. Um, it’s not just about money but life and relationships and you want to speak a good into people and uh, uh, just help people and encourage people. And we love doing that. I love encouraging people and Chandler’s. So to speak before I think before you speak and remember that what you’re going to be speaking is going to influence some other people. So, uh, make that choice. Um, action steps this week are to eat healthy and speak only positive, successful things to others.

So trying to go a whole week with eating healthy and only speaking positive things to all your friends and everybody around you. And you’ll find that you’re planting that and that will actually come back. We are harvest, so it’s like a CD. You put the positive in and they’re going to give you positive back. And so that’s just what you’re going to get back. So anyway, while the play this video, this is Chandler losing 25 pounds. So congratulations Chandler. Have a wonderful weekend, or all of you guys have a wonderful week. But he was good job. Chandler, we are proud of you.

I’m Chandler Baker. I love that. All the staff is really friendly and I especially love that it is super clean all the time. It’s really great. I feel like, um, you know, beginners can be here and be comfortable in people who are comfortable being here, are comfortable. You’re missing out on a life change at the best gym in Topeka. I mean, it’s only five bucks a month. You get all these amenities, like, you know, 24 hours. He gets a free massage chairs. The tanning, changing how I can be healthy. I have lost 25 pounds and I’m still going strong.