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Best gym in Topeka | Low carb diet tips | Colaw Fitness Topeka

Hey, we’re Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week. So it was like to deep dive into this little log and get some nuggets of wisdom. So, give us, give us some tips on the low carb diet. I know we hear a lot about low carb, low carb, so give us some extra tips. That’ll be helpful.

Some tips would be number one would be is you’ve got to know what low carb diet food foods are. You got to know what they are. And first off, the kind of give an explanation of what low carb foods are. U low carb foods are going a lot to be a lot of meat. Any type of like chicken fish, steak, Turkey, ham, eggs, lots of just like meat, different types of meat, eggs.

Those are some really great low carb food options. And they’re also rich in protein. That’s really good for muscle building or toning up the body. And other low carb foods are like fats as well. UI don’t push a ton of fats, but like, like extra Virgin olive oil, some, different nut oils and butters and things like that are very low carb.

So knowing the low card foods is really important then also wanting to note the portion sizes, because sometimes you can eat foods that have like hidden carbs in them. And so knowing how to read nutrition labels and actually see what the portion size is and how many carbohydrates are in each one of the portion size.

So when you read the nutrition label, you want to look at portion sizes, and then how many carbohydrates are in that portion size. And that will help you make sure you’re educating yourself. But reading labels, that little label says nutrition, facts, see the portion size, see the carbs, make sure you’re keeping that really low.

And I think a lot of people would be surprised by the portion size. You think a bowl of cereal, everybody thinks a bowl of cereal and you’re like three fourths of a cup. And you’re like, that’s not even real cup is. Yeah. So you can really get off track with portion sizes and right, right. And so then a meal plan and then yes. And so the next thing I tell clients to do so number one is get to know what the foods are.

Number two, you got to make sure that you’re eating, mhou’re reading nutrition facts and studying that understanding number three is making it a really good meal plan. You can actually follow. It’s kind of confusing when you first get started on how to do all that. That’s what that way here at Kohler fitness, we’ve got like a nutritional plan it’s called the [inaudible] plan.

It’s a low-carb plan tells you exactly what to eat, what times to eat, how much water to drink, that kind of stuff. So it’s complete, Mind Freedom tells you when to do it, how to shop for it. They talk about all that in that class so that we can get a great template to follow and you actually lose fat very quickly tone up. We also have a [inaudible] book. It’s a book that goes along.

You can actually track it and log it. It’s $10 and you can actually follow that book, log it and keep track with it as well. But that’s another great way to do a low carb diet. Right.

Right. And that book gives you a plan for 30 days. You can buy another book, go through it again for another 30 days. And just continue to repeat that in the CF30 journal, until you feel like you’ve created the good habits that you need. And you’ve learned a healthier lifestyle to go without that accountable.

Yeah. I got really strict on the CF30 last three weeks and I’ve lost like 20 pounds like that. So, I mean, you can really pull some weight and get in great shape really quickly. And so great, great, good thing. So that’s the last of the fitness tip? This is Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw. You guys have a blessed week. We’ll see you soon. Bye. Bye and see you soon at the best gym in Topeka.

Best gym in Topeka

Best gym in Topeka