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Best Gym in Topeka | Start with the Rest

content written for Colaw Fitness

What is the best gym in Topeka? Why are you at your old gym Topeka? Why have you not gym shopped since the 20th century Topeka? At Colaw Fitness, we value the long varied history of the Kansas Territory and the great capital city of Topeka. Our third location, at time of writing. We chose Topeka because we knew Topeka would choose us! We knew that all of the great things about us belonged in a place as great as this. In the field of fitness here in Topeka, we may be one of the latest arrivals. Don’t let that influence you though. We have generations of fitness knowledge behind us from way back in that 20th century. Call us today and let us tell you more at 785-409-8823.

Colaw Fitness brings history to this historic town. From the halls that Governor Robert B. Docking once bellowed laughter to the Docking State Office Building today, we have a history. A history of fitness knowledge and professionalism. We continue to hire staff members as engrossed in your future success as you are. We have delivered a consistent atmosphere of encouragement and inclusion with top regard for comfort. Comfort isn’t only what you’ll find in our recumbent bicycles as you lean back to catch up on your favorite TV episode. Maybe you’ll be your own device, watching movies on the complimentary hard lined Wifi inside the best gym in Topeka.

We want you to feel comfortable every time you think about Colaw Fitness. It doesn’t matter if you are coming in for a full body workout on your way to the office or you need a full body massage after a long day of waiting tables. Comfort awaits you. Clean, safe, comfort is available 24/7. We are staffed to assure you have everything you need to feel comfortable. From a family-like greeting at the door to the always new cleanliness of our facilities.

Someone is always there just for you. Waiting for you to come catch up on life or share your recent success at the office. Like going to hang out with family, you may stop in to share your progress with people that celebrate with you, for you and about you. We know Gym Day isn’t always the most favorite part of your day, but we are here to help you remember that You Are Worth It!

#youareworthit. You’ll find this hashtag all over our facility and web presence. It isn’t because we are the best gym in Topeka. Not our slogan or motto. It is our belief. We KNOW you are worth it and we want you to know it too. We want you to invest in yourself and let us motivate you through the deserts and desserts of life. For as low as $5 a month, you can still order dessert! Once a month we will throw a party to celebrate the progress of everyone! You can grab a few friends, show up and let us feed you, entertain you, and sign you up! You could get a FREE YEAR membership very easy this way.

No small print, no purchase required, no coupons, no tricks, no traps, just an entire 365 days at NO CHARGE! If you aren’t impressed with a FREE YEAR of fitness… how about FREE FOOD!? You can come to a party and we will feed you without any obligation. We know there is something for everyone at Colaw Fitness.

What is the best gym in Topeka? That would depend on who you might ask. If you ask our members and guests, we have no doubt that they will all tell you it is Colaw Fitness. In fact, they felt that way so much and so often that we are the highest rated, most often rated fitness facility in any market we exist. That has nothing to do with us saying that, so please take a moment and read through them.

Are you still not convinced? Bring a friend to work out with you, every time, any time and let them help you decide. You can always bring someone with you for no additional cost. We understand that showing up at a gym alone can be comparable to being the new kid at school every time you want to workout. So we welcome you to bring someone else in and let them motivate you, nag you, make fun of you and anything it takes to get you healthy!

Colaw Fitness didn’t come to Topeka to be the best gym in Topeka. They came here to be YOUR best health and fitness facility inside of a gym. They came by requests from visitors to our other great locations. Topeka wanted a great place where they could feel at home, welcomed, accepted, loved, encouraged, valued, hugged, wanted, necessary and so much more. Best gym? Oh yeah, we have some of that too. We actually have tons of it. Tons of steel and cables and electronics that everyone else has. When you need a gym with a bunch of equipment in the middle of a building and no one around for miles, we have that too. Just bring a set of headphones and be all alone.

We have no problem asking you to simply “Start with the Rest” because we can be your best. You can be your best with us. We will be the best part of your day no matter the time of day it is. Our staff is coming in around the clock always fresh and motivated to be there. We don’t have employees like a gym. We have a staff of family. Grow together as we grow with our members and their families. We share the good, the bad and the ugly. We live life together because it is worth living with fitness. Human beings are wired as social creatures and prosper dependently with independence. All of that and less are available at Colaw Fitness.

If you just need a clean floor indoors to do push-ups, jumping jacks and jump rope, Colaw Fitness is the best gym in Topeka for this too! Being the best means nothing if it isn’t the best for YOU. We are all about you because, again, we know #youareworthit. Topeka is worth it. That is why we had to share in all that Topeka has to offer. From the historic downtown Topeka High School to the relaxing shores of Lake Shawnee, we value Topeka and all that it has to offer Colaw Fitness. What is your favorite historic place in Topeka and why? We would love to hear about that right now at 785-409-8823.