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This content was written for Colaw Fitness

Colaw Fitness has more reviews than any other gym in Joplin! Look up Colaw Fitness Joplin on Google and you’ll see that our members have reviewed us over 1,200 times. The vast majority of our reviews are 5 stars. Colaw Fitness Joplin was given an average star rating of 4.9! This shows that Colaw Fitness is unequivocally the best gym Joplin. People truly love our welcoming environment and friendly atmosphere.This is a direct result of our staff. Our staff are always going to greet you with a smile. We have three goals at Colaw Fitness. The first is to keep our facility clean. Second, to keep all of our equipment fixed and up to date. Finally, we seek to always love on our members. If we accomplish these three things, then we consider it a successful day! Come see us today or contact us at 417-626-2652.

Our members love the great prices on our memberships. Therefore, you should come see what it is all about! We offer a membership for $1 down and as low as $5 per month. Other gyms might require you to pay huge amounts of money just to access dirty and unkept equipment. At Colaw Fitness, all of our memberships include tons of free stuff. Hence, you should come try it with a friend! We offer free tanning, free massage, free trainer instruction, and free nutrition instruction. There’s no question as to why our members voted us the best gym Joplin. We boast the lowest prices in the country! If it were any cheaper, we’d have to give it away for free. Which we will also do sometimes. On the first Monday of each month we have our Member appreciation Night.

On Member Appreciation Night we offer your first month for absolutely free! That means that you won’t have to pay anything for 30 days! We also have giveaways, prizes, and even free pizza for all of our members. This is certainly a party for our members and they love it. In the past we have given away things such as water bottles, bags, and t-shirts! There’s no question which of us is the best gym Joplin. Therefore, you should come see what all the hype is about.

The free stuff doesn’t end there though! With each membership, our patrons get free massage included in their monthly payment. Colaw Fitness Joplin has four massage chairs and two hydromassage beds. You can use these whenever you want for no additional cost! This is absolutely unheard of at any other gym. Other gyms might make you pay a premium to access their extra amenities, but not us! Our massage chairs are great for relaxing muscles before and after a great workout. Many of our members deal with chronic pain and have said that the massage really helps. We’ve seen the need from our members, and will never look back on helping them reach their goals.

We also offer free tanning with each of our memberships. This includes three rooms that hold lay down beds, while the other three are stand up units. If you’re going on vacation or to a wedding, our free tanning is perfect for you! You don’t even have to work out to use them. You can get all of this for as low as $5 per month! That makes us the best gym Joplin. Even if another facility offers free tanning, they do not keep is nearly as clean. We clean our tanning rooms at least twice per day if not more. We keep them up to date with new bulbs as soon as a single one goes out. Because of this, you are guaranteed to have a great tanning experience at Colaw Fitness.

Each membership also includes free trainer instruction. We offer orientation style classes in upper body, as lower body. We also offer them in abs and cardio and nutrition. The a weekly trainer schedule that will help you achieve your goals! Our trainers will answer any questions that you might have about burning fat and gaining muscle. Included in this offer is our free CF-30 program. This is our 30-day diet and exercise plan.

It’s guaranteed to get you great results within the first 30 days! There’s nothing weird or crazy about it, no gimmicks! It’s built for you to see results and to enjoy doing it! It’s based on a diet that puts your body into ketosis. This means that your body will be using excess fat as energy! No other gym is offering this for free! This is just one reason why Colaw Fitness is the best gym Joplin.

If you are questioning what we have in our facility, then look no further! All of our equipment is top of the line, sleek, and clean. We offer free weights, cable machines, cardio, and abdominal equipment. This allows our members to access a wide variety of machines in order to reach their fitness goals! Our members appreciate that they don’t have to wait in lines just to use a popular piece of equipment. Instead, we have it set up so that you have virtually no wait time! Colaw Fitness is the best gym Joplin because of this. If you are looking for a clean, welcoming environment, look no further than Colaw Fitness!

What our members also love about us is our philanthropic spirit. Everything we do is done for others! For each membership that is started with us, we donate the first dollar to Water4Life Mozambique. This company drills and builds water wells in rural villages in southeastern Africa! We value the mission so much that we even sent two of our staff members there in July of 2018. This gave Colaw Fitness members a first-hand experience in bringing fresh water to a community. So far, Colaw Fitness has drilled two wells in the Mozambican Zambezia province. We’re not looking to stop any time soon! Along side that, we love to serve locally. We often go to Watered Gardens to feed the homeless! This is a great experience for our staff as we get to give back to our community.

If you’ve read all of this and still aren’t convinced, check out our reviews! Our members will tell you why Colaw Fitness is the best gym Joplin. Come sign up today on one of our great memberships. You can start for $1 down and as low as $5 per month! You can contact the best gym Joplin at 417-626-2652.