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Best gym OKC | What is a giant set? | Colaw Fitness

Hey, Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week. So yeah. Um, one thing we like to do is what we call giant sets. So explain to people what is a giant set and why is it
Okay. What is a giant set and why is it beneficial? Well, a giant set is it’s kind of like a super set where you set up two different exercises and you went back and forth and you have certain rest periods. So you like do two different workouts.

For example, you’ll do 10 reps and you run over here and do 10 reps, but you don’t take a break, then you take a break. So it’s, are you doing two different workouts together? Well, a giant set is where you take four or more exercises and put them together without arrest. And so let’s, for example, if I was doing chest, I would do like a chest press, a chest MPR, inclined, press, a chest declined press and a chest fly.

Then I would rest, you know, 30 seconds to three minutes to get my cardio. My heart health, uh, and my heart rate back to normal. And then I’ll go back and attack all four of those workouts again. So, um, like in CrossFit, they, they group a bunch of exercises together and they do rounds. Um, a giant sets kind of done like a round. And so like me and Amber, we train almost every day like that, that way you’re actually getting muscular strength, muscular endurance.

It actually helps with cardiac strength and cardiac insurance. It’s like weights and a little bit of cardio at the same time, super beneficial. And the number one thing I like about it, it’s time. It really cuts down your gym time. So if you got to get in and get out, it’s super, super beneficial for getting in and getting out. And it really stimulates a lot of muscle tissue really pushes your body helps stimulate your metabolism. You’re going to lose fat, get heart health benefits, strengthen benefits.

So, um, huge, the less chance of injury. Well, and what happens is, is when you’re doing it like that, you have to kind of take your weights down a little bit, cause you don’t have time to let all of your muscular strength fully returned for each set. Um, and when you like consecutive sets in a row with just a, with no rest, um, uh, you, you get a little bit weaker, feeling more fatigued. And so you have, you’re forced to use slightly lighter weights.

Um, and so you kind of, sometimes you feel like you don’t like that, but you still are getting great stimulation. I promise you if you’re a beginner and intermediate, or even a, uh, like a more of a hardcore literature, still getting some great benefits, but just reducing that weight, hitting a giant set and going full effort. But the weight may be a little bit lighter. So that’s giant sets and the benefits to giant sets. If you have, if you want you to just Google giant sets and you can YouTube it, see it, there’s a lot of information out there on it.

Anyways, this Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw for the fitness tip. You guys have a blessed week. See you next time. Bye. Bye and see you soon at the best gym OKC offers.


best gym OKC

best gym OKC