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Best Gym Oklahoma City | Low Price but Big Benefits

This content was created for Colaw Fitness.

Are you not liking what you see in the mirror and ready to get healthy so you’re searching for the best gym Oklahoma City? Then do yourself a favor and head over to Colaw Fitness OKC. Our incredibly low priced memberships are all inclusive and even provide nutrition and fitness instruction. We might have a low price but we have big benefits. Come in or call us for more details at 918-331-0404.

Colaw Fitness might be the new best gym Oklahoma City has to offer with our incredibly low rates and all access benefits. In fact, two people can workout, tan, get massages, use our locker rooms and even receive free fitness and nutrition instruction for as low as five dollars per month. Additionally, our facilities are staffed twenty four hours per day. With our variety of workout equipment, showers, and hours of operation, it is easy to get a full body workout in while having a busy schedule. We simply suggest picking a time that works for your schedule and sticking to it so that you may develop healthy habits.

For example, if you need to wake up early to get a workout in before work, then bring your things with you to get ready so you can crush your workout then get ready without having to drive back home before a workout. Continue to do this day to day so that your body will start to develop that healthy habit and wake up ready to crush your workouts. Anyone in the fitness industry can tell you that they key to fitness success is consistency.

Best Gym Oklahoma City

Furthermore, you can maintain consistency when you visit any of our other locations too. Colaw Fitness is currently located in four states. However, we love to expand so keep an eye out for our next location announcement. All members have access to any of the other Colaw Fitness locations. Refer to our website for other locations’ details.

Part of being the best gym Oklahoma City has to offer is an incredibly low priced membership. Colaw Fitness offers a reward type membership. If members attend at least twelve days per month, then they qualify to get their monthly membership rate as low as five dollars per month. In fact, members have all inclusive access to all facilities in all states. Twelve check ins per month would average to be about three check ins per week. This is a great way to incentivize consistency. At Colaw Fitness, we keep track of your check ins but if you want to track the too, then you may check for yourself on your online member portal. All of this information is given at the time of sign up but if you have any questions, you’re welcome to call our awesome customer service department.

Let’s talk about making that physical change you want so badly. At Colaw Fitness, we offer a program called the CF-30. This program was designed for our members to lose body fat and get muscle tone within thirty days. Our staff educates attendees on a nutrition plan and a fitness regimen to follow for thirty days. Essentially the nutrition plan is high protein, low fat, and low carb. Then you will be walked through the workout we suggest to follow. All attendees receive a simple to follow journal. Members may bring a guest to the CF-30 course too. Signing up is easy. Simply sign up at the front desk for you and your friend.

The best gym Oklahoma City must have a great atmosphere. At Colaw Fitness, we strive to create a positive atmosphere. Our company is based on a Christian foundation. Therefore, we stream Christian music in all locations. We have decorated all our locations with positive words and phrases of affirmation. The Colaw Fitness motto is you are worth it. We believe it and hope you do too. Lastly, we think our staff is pretty awesome. Members will even tell you that Colaw Fitness staff is friendly.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our YouTube channel for member reviews. Colaw Fitness loves to give a shout out to our members. In fact, we celebrate member wins on social media and our YouTube channel too, with their permission of course.

Check out our Colaw Fitness podcast. Amber and Charles Colaw, the owners of Colaw Fitness, host the podcast to bring you tips and tricks for fitness and personal development. They cover topics like supplements, nutrition, workouts, and even personal development. Be sure to subscribe for updates.

Let’s talk about workout equipment. At Colaw Fitness, you will find ellipticals, treadmills, rowing machines, stair climbers, bikes, resistance machines, and free weights. If you would like guidance on how to properly use these things, then simply stop by the front desk to sign up for free orientation. Your guest can also attend the orientation. Please sign them up in advance as well so that we may have the proper number of materials available.

Other great benefits at Colaw Fitness include tanning and massage units. Colaw Fitness has stand up and lay down tanning units. Additionally, our front desk has tanning goggles and tanning lotions for sell if you would be interested. Our massage units may be massage chairs, massage loungers, or massage beds. After you crush a workout, give yourself a little self care with these awesome massage units.

In conclusion, join Colaw Fitness to be a member of the best gym Oklahoma City has to offer. Our low priced membership still has great big benefits. Two people can workout, tan, get massages, use our locker rooms, and attend instruction for as low as five dollars per month. Remember to be consistent with your workouts. After you crush your workout, kick back with the massage units. Don’t forget you can bring a friend any time and as often as you would like. Come in any time or give us a call with any questions at 918-331-0404.