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Best gym Topeka | Top 4 supplements for women | Colaw Fitness Topeka

Hey, we’re Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip. And so Charles for us, women tell us what the top four supplements are for women. What are some, no-brainer easy to follow
Top four supplements for women. Number one is a good multivitamin multimineral supplement. So we don’t eat all of the right amounts of like, uh, uh, vegetables and fruits and, and all the different daily allowances that were recommended to be taking in.

And I’d like to top off the fuel tank with a good multivitamin multimineral supplements. That’s number one is a motivated number two is a great protein powder and that whey protein whey protein isolate is what I encourage people to take. It’s very good for building muscle repairing muscle protein is the healing repair and growth nutrient.

When you’re working out as a woman, it’s not hormonal, it’s not going to eat your bulky, but whey protein is a great way that as you’re working out the soreness that occurs, those proteins are what heal, repair and development. So you’re going to be a smaller, more toned version of yourself using whey protein.

It will not bulk you up. So whey protein isolate whey protein isolate is number two. And number three is going to be Creatine. People have a lot of talk about creating there’s tons of studies on creating creatine. Monohydrate think of a raisin and a grape that the same fruit one, the, the, the, the grape is full and turgid, and the raisin is all kind of withered away and wrinkled up.

And what happens is, uh, creatine creates an increase of ATP best gym Topeka triphosphates and energy in the muscle. So the muscle basically gets healthier and fuller and more turgid. So, as you’re losing weight, your muscles are going to become more full and turgid and solid. You’re gonna have a more youthful look, more solid, look to the body and more toned body. Creatine is really great, like fuel for your muscles.

You’re gonna have about a 10% increase in strength and about a 10% increase in muscular endurance. So you can do more reps if it’s 50 pounds on the chest breaths, and you can do it like 10 times. Now you’re going to do it like 11 or 12 times. So that’s where you’re going to get a little bit more strengthened Durance so it’s a great muscle fuel, and it has no hormones. It’s not going to bulk you up.

You’re not gonna let, you’re gonna become smaller. More toned version of yourself with a creatine monohydrate product. And lastly is arginine. Arginine is the amino acid. That’s found in a lot of pre-workout drinks and those pre-workout drinks basically Bassa dilate the blood vessels. So when you work out your receipt, a guy work out in his arms, his veins will, will come out. It’s a natural adoptation response to the stimulus of exercise.

Your body has to circulate blood flow and nutrients through the body more efficiently. And arginine is the primary amino acid, a natural amino acid that is used in the blood for vast the dilation dilating the blood vessels. So your body can cellular rest rate, get oxygen fuel, and nutrients to the body. And so that is the fourth component, which is arginine.

And that is the top four supplements for women who want to get in it, get smaller, more tone, more fit version of themselves. So that’s the top four. That’s the fitness tip. So you guys next week have a blessed week. Bye bye. [inaudible].

Best gym Topeka

Best gym Topeka