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Best Gyms in Oklahoma City | Hone in on Healthy Habits

This content was created for Colaw Fitness.

Are you looking to join one of the best gyms in Oklahoma City? Then be sure to check out Colaw Fitness. We offer a wide variety of workout equipment, twenty four hour access, awesome locker rooms, tanning, massage, and more. Our memberships are as low as five dollars per month too! Don’t waste any more time. Come in today for a tour or give us a call at 405-838-1644 with your fitness club questions. It’s time to hone in those healthy habits before summer arrives!

First, let’s talk about the awesome low rates for Colaw Fitness, one of the best gyms in Oklahoma City. Colaw Fitness memberships are as low as five dollars per month and only one dollar down to get started. These memberships are known as the reward memberships. Reward members attend our fitness centers at least twelve days per month or more in order to achieve the lowest possible membership rate. But listen, we know things don’t always go as planned. Therefore, in months in which our reward members do not attend our fitness clubs twelve days or more, they pay only a slightly higher rate for that month. Then, the following month our reward members start with a fresh opportunity to achieve twelve check ins in order to receive the lowest possible membership rate.

Next, let’s talk about some cool benefits for Colaw Fitness members. At Colaw Fitness, one of the best gyms in Oklahoma City, our members can bring. Friend for free any time and as often as they would like too. This is a great option for accountability partners, best friends, couples, parents with their teenagers, and more. We have had several members see better results when they have someone keeping them accountable. With our bring a friend for free perk, this allows members to get that accountability without paying an extra price. Therefore, if our reward members were to bring a friend for free, then basically two people would be enjoying their Colaw Fitness membership for only five dollars per month. How cool is that?

Best Gyms in Oklahoma City

Now, let’s talk about honing in on building healthy habits. As we previously discussed, reward members attend our fitness centers at least twelve days per month or more. That would average to be only three days per week. Consistency is a fundamental key to fitness success, whether it be consistent workouts or consistent nutrition, both are very important. Plus, with our twenty four hour access, it makes it easier to knock out those workouts when it fits your schedule best.

So what kind of workout equipment can you expect at Colaw Fitness, one of the best gyms in Oklahoma City? At Colaw Fitness, we offer a variety of workout equipment including cardio, resistance machines, and free weights. Our cardio equipment includes treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, and a variety of bikes. Resistance machines are great pieces of workout equipment to help tone the whole body. These machines are preset with weights and more easily adjustable to better fit individuals.

Colaw Fitness wants our members to be successful. Therefore, we offer two different types of orientations and an additional fitness and nutrition program at no additional cost to our members. The orientations include one for the resistance machines and another for the cardio equipment. These orientations are great for beginners or people that would like a refresher course. Our orientations are designed to help the participants to feel more confidence in their usage of our workout equipment. From form to adjusting the machine, we want you to be confident in your workouts and get the most out of your time.

Did you know that Colaw Fitness also has four other locations? That’s right! Colaw Fitness has five locations across four states. Another cool perk for Colaw Fitness members is that they have access to any of these locations. Additionally, attending any of our five fitness clubs will count toward their check-in total. Our members can come as often as they would like but only one check in per day will count toward the reward membership. The current Colaw Fitness locations include Bartlesville and OKC, Oklahoma, Joplin, Missouri, Topeka, Kansas, and Arlington, Texas. Be sure to subscribe to our social media pages too, so that you may be updated on the other locations as we continue to expand.

At Colaw Fitness, you can expect a positive atmosphere no matter which location you choose. The reason is because our company motto is you are worth it. We strive to communicate this consistently at all of our locations. For example, we stream Christian music at all locations. We have included positive words and phrases at all locations. Our staff is friendly and does a great job keeping all five locations really clean too. We hope that when you visit our fitness centers, all of these things will help you to recognize that you are worth it and that it encourages you.

Don’t forget that Colaw Fitness has other great benefits too. All five Colaw Fitness locations have tanning and massage. This is available for all members and guests. It does not require any appointments and these benefits are available around the clock. Furthermore, all five of our fitness clubs have tanning lotions and goggles available for purchase at the front desk too. Additionally, guests of members can access these stand up tanning units, lay down tanning beds, and massage units as well without extra charge either. Isn’t that super awesome?

In conclusion, Colaw Fitness is one of the best gyms in Oklahoma City. We have a great facility full of awesome workout equipment, tanning, massage, and more. Additionally, Colaw Fitness members can bring a friend for free any time and as often as they want, too. Don’t wait another minute. Bring a friend and take a tour today. Call us at 405-838-1644 with any questions or come by for your tour today. Join Colaw Fitness because you are worth it!