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Best place to work out in Topeka | Run (or walk) to your dreams with our cardio equipment!

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

When looking for your perfect gym, of course cardio will always be on your mind. That’s why when searching for gyms near you in Topeka Kansas, always remember to give Colaw Fitness a try. Located at 19th Terrace and Wanamaker, Colaw Fitness is your one stop for all your fitness needs. We have staff that will always be smiling whenever you walk in and ready to help you with whatever you’re looking for. I’m here to tell you why if you’re wanting to lose weight in Topeka or get into shape, Colaw is the gym for you. Check us out online by searching for “Colaw Fitness” or call us at 785-409-8823 as well.

So what can Colaw Fitness offer you in terms of cardio equipment to help you reach your goals? As you may have already assumed, we pride ourselves here at Colaw Fitness for having a large amount of cardio equipment. Making it the best place to work out in Topeka Kansas. If you have always wanted to check out the best gym in Topeka for yourself, instead of taking my word for it look at our website or come into the facility! The website will offer you all the resources you’ll need to find out what we’re truly about. On our website, you will find our mission for our work, descriptions of what we offer, and personal accounts from actual members! Check out some of the pictures there or just visit in person to see if Colaw Fitness will fit your needs.

To start, the best gym in Topeka has a total of four big sections of workout equipment. Moving down the list there’s free weights, matrix machines, cardio machines, and abs and core. The cardio section starts off with a row of 14 bikes. There are three different types of bikes, but they all operate very similar to one another. In fact, all of our cardio equipment operates very similarly making it easy to use when switching between them. If you have any questions regarding using our equipment, we have orientation classes. Our orientation classes here at Colaw get you introduced to using the equipment we have to offer you with other beginners, too! If you ever need help or have further questions, we have a wonderful staff who will always be happy to assist you. So let’s get fit at the best place to work out in Topeka Kansas.

Best place to work out in Topeka

Each cardio machine has an easy-to-navigate panel set that properly selects the kind of workout you want. They have preset workouts if you don’t wanna mess with anything or you are a beginner and need some guidance. Also, our equipment is programmed to make it easy to monitor your workout. They measure things such as speed, time elapsed, calories burned, etc… Getting your proper cardio workout has never been more simple! Simple equipment to use only at the best place to work out in Topeka Kansas. The bikes, along with the rest of the cardio equipment, have conveniently placed handles. By gripping these handles, you can monitor your heart rate as you workout, or even before and after. Our equipment is easy to understand and easy to use, as well as measuring things such as speed and resistance.

Our fitness center also has other nifty features to make your working out as easy as possible! For example, Colaw Fitness has many different TVs within the gym. The cardio section in particular has a row of TVs that you can directly access and use. All you need to do is plug in some headphones to the machine and listen to whatever you want. We even have our own special Colaw Fitness TV telling you about all the deals and cool things we do! Some of these awesome organizations we support include building wells in Africa. On our tv, we also feature a collection of weight loss stories from our own gym members. Always backing up how we are the best place to work out here in Topeka Kansas.

Our next installment of machines in our cardio section are three rows of treadmills. You’ll never have to worry about all the treadmills being taken because we have so many. This is the same with the rest of the equipment at Colaw Fitness because we want to ensure that everyone has access to the same equipment. All of the treadmills operate very similarly to ensure that they are easy to understand and easy to use, as any other piece of cardio equipment. With the treadmills in particular, you have options for both incline and increase of speed. Even when you are using the equipment that is further back, it’s still easy to watch any of the TV’s you want and see the whole gym. So join us at the best place to work out at Topeka Kansas for the best deals.

Even though the cardio equipment is simple to use, there’s a lot of different features on them. The bikes, for example, have a monitor where you can keep your heartbeat per minute measurements during the workout. You can also set the technology for if you wanted to put out a constant amount of energy during your fitness time. Or if you maybe just wanted to feel the burn, try out the fat burning setting. By using all of these different settings on your equipment, your equipment will adjust to what you want to get out of the workout. All of these different settings offer you a unique experience on your fitness journey.

The best gym in Topeka will always have what you need to work out how you want and need. (And whenever you want! We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.) On the treadmills, for example, there are different fitness tests for different branches of the military. Do you want to run sprint intervals? Well you can while always having a fan on your face and staying out of the heat. Or maybe you just want to train for a 5K, which you can easily do as well while easily monitoring your progress. So get results at the best place to work out in Topeka Kansas.

If bikes and treadmills aren’t your thing that’s completely fine, maybe try out our full row of ellipticals. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, have fun with our Ascent trainers instead, where the arms don’t move and you can incline it as much as you want. What would one of the five best gyms in Topeka be without Stairmasters, as well? These machines will offer you possibly the best view of the gym as you get a “step up” on the road to getting fit.

Not everyone at our gym is at the same point in their fitness journey, but that’s all right. Because no matter where you are at, Colaw Fitness always makes it easy for you to succeed. So check us out wherever you want, with gyms in Bartlesville and Joplin Missouri, and Topeka Kansas. We have even begun expanding into Texas as we’re opening a gym in Arlington. No matter where you come from, we ensure that Colaw is a safe place to pursue your fitness goals. Come join us as we make Jesus famous and change lives. For more working out tips and tricks, you can check out Charles and Amber Colaw’s podcast: “You Can Do This”. Again, you can find out more information by searching “Colaw Fitness” online or calling us at 785-409-8823.