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Best Place to Workout in Arlington | Schedule an Interview Today!

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

At Colaw Fitness, the best place to workout in Arlington, we love having new people come onto the team. It brings us a sense of joy to have a new face taking care of our members. Therefore, we have a unique hiring process that is unlike any other. We host weekly interviews so that we can regularly see potential new hires. Normally, this interview is scheduled in person. However, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we have moved them online. If you are interested in joining our team, we would be happy to interview you over Zoom! Fortunately, we are able to schedule these meetings well in advance. That way you can put your best foot forward when doing your interview! If you are interested in joining us, apply on Indeed today and we will schedule your interview. Otherwise, feel free to contact us at 918-766-3353 for more information.

At Colaw Fitness, the best place to workout in Arlington, we are looking for great people to join our team. Therefore, we have to have the ideal person in mind before we even begin. The type of person we are looking for is an A-Player. Now, what is an A-Player you might ask? Well that is what I am here to tell you. An A-Player is made up of four character qualities that we look for in our applicants. First, they must have incredibly high ethics. Second, they need to be goal-oriented. Third, they need to have a positive attitude. We are always willing to hire for a good attitude over skill any day of the week. Fourth and finally, we expect our team members to have a growth mindset. All of these attributes come together to make an awesome employee.

To be the best place to workout in Arlington, you have to be a highly ethical person. This means that you are willing to do the right thing even when nobody is watching. Most people do not enjoy being micromanaged. Therefore, we want to hire people that will do things right the very first time. This also means that we are able to trust our employees with much. Jesus says, “To him who has much more will be given, and he will have abundance.” We feel the same way about our employees.

Best Place to Workout in Arlington

As a result, we want to give more trust and responsibility where we can. Thus, our team culture is one of high trust and honor. We all work together for the good of the team and for our members. A person with high ethics will not try to sneak around in order to benefit themselves. This is a core conviction of our staff at Colaw Fitness.

In the same way that Colaw Fitness has goals for itself as a company, we are looking for goal-oriented people. Therefore, a person that works at Colaw Fitness will use it as a stepping stone. Our goal is always to leave you better off than when we found you. This means that you will be better equip to accomplish your goals. We feel that this is a responsibility of ours. Therefore, we can not edify someone that does not have a vision for where they want to be.

Often times, when someone doesn’t have a vision, they become a liability. These people are usually the first ones to no-show for a shift without calling in. That is because their goals of course are not on the line. However, someone with a robust vision for their future will always come in and on time. This makes us the best place to workout in Arlington without a doubt.

We are also looking for people with a positive attitude. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to train this into somebody. It seems to us that you either have it or you do not. Therefore, this is one of the first things that we look for in a potential new hire. Having a positive attitude means that you leave the world at the door. As a result, work becomes a freeing place where you get to experience joy without stress. Many of our team members find that it begins to feel like a getaway.

This is because they simply get to be positive and are surround by positive people. The best place to workout in Arlington would never have a pessimistic attitude. Therefore, if someone is a pessimist, it immediately disqualifies them from working with us. It does not mean that they are a bad person. However, it does mean that they will not be a good fit in the long run.

Finally, we are looking for people that have a growth mindset. Having a growth mindset begins with the confession that we do not know everything. This can be difficult for many people. Of course, we want to feel competent in whatever it is that we do. However, before we can grow we have to admit that there is room for growth. This automatically assumes that we are not where we want to be. Often times, this can be a hard pill to swallow. However, we feel that it is a necessary one.

Therefore, we are looking for positive people that are willing to learn. Fortunately, students are notoriously green and are prone to making mistakes. We know this at the best place to workout in Arlington. Therefore, Colaw Fitness is a safe learning environment. Mistakes can be make without threat of termination. That being said, we are looking for fast-learners who will not make the same mistake twice.

All of these characteristics come together to form the ideal staff member at Colaw Fitness. Therefore, if you feel that this is you, we would love to meet with you. All you have to do to apply is search Colaw Fitness on Indeed.com. From there you can fill out a virtual application that will go to a manager’s email. Once they receive it, they will be contacting you within the week to set up an interview. They will be able to go over information about the company.

Afterwards, you will be able to ask any questions regarding the position that you might have. We hope you walk away with a deeper understanding of why we are the best place to workout in Arlington. Thus, we believe that by going through this process, you will see very quickly. It is encourage that our applicants dress professionally, take notes, and make eye contact. By following all of the standard interview recommendations, you will be a shoe in.

In conclusion, we are always looking to hire high quality talent in our area. Ultimately, our three goals each day are to keep things clean. From there, we want to make sure the facility is not broken up and in need of repair. Finally, our third goal is to love on our members. If we find a person that is capable of this, we would love to interview them. If this seems interesting to you, please call us at 918-766-3353 for more information. Otherwise, you can also apply on paper at the best place to workout in Arlington. By doing so, you will be part of something much bigger than yourself. Therefore, we believe that working with us will be a fruitful and enjoyable experience. We hope that you consider joining us at Colaw Fitness. Grace and peace to you.