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Best Place to Workout in Arlington | Take the Road Less Traveled By

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

In the last article I wrote regarding the best place to workout in Arlington, we discussed important topics. That topic was the weakening of the human spirit amidst the reality of aging. What we find at this crossroad is that the path of narcosis and self-idolization is well trodden. However, leading towards self-realization and humility is a path of mere bent grass blades and dust. Those that go down this path find life. They experience a deep joy that cannot be taken from them. Therefore, we encourage you to take the road less traveled by.

This road will inevitably lead to life and life to the fullest. We believe this because we have seen it first-hand. Either we can choose to sedate ourselves with power, wealth, and purchases, or not. On the other hand, we can choose to address our reality head on and move through it. To us, this seems to be the wisest choice, but is often the most rarely chosen. It seems countercultural to the core. Our society communicates to us through pop-psychology and ad campaigns. What do we think they will do with our souls? At Colaw Fitness, our mission is to make Jesus famous and to change lives. Therefore, we believe that Jesus is the wounded healer that will lead us through the second road. Call us at 918-766-3353 today.

Many authors have described middle life as “the second mountain”. Often times, we find that our first mountain was to accomplish our selfish aspirations. These might be corporate advancement, marrying the right person, and having all-star children. However, once we have overcome that first mountain, we find that it was not what we expect. Not only did we really accomplish what our souls long for, but we feel weary from the first mountain. A good opportunity is signing up at the best place to workout in Arlington.

Best Place to Workout in Arlington

Our culture has told us that the first mountain is all that there is. Thus, the higher we make it up the mountain, the better our life tends to be. Our neglect for the desires of our heart comes back as a splash of cold water to the face. It shocks us back to moments where life felt like it would go on forever. The number of possibilities of who we might be seems limitless. There is a depth of optimism that we feel might never return. However, we still have an opportunity.

By signing up at the best place to workout in Arlington, we can take hold of that opportunity. However, this will not be a glorifying experience. Often times, we see people walk away from it having been humbled. However, they maintain a soft joyfulness in regard to the world around them. We all know of people that reflect that life. It is the elderly man that is able to sit on his porch and stare off for hours at a time. Though he is still, he is joyful.

The same can be said for the coworker that never seems to lose their temper. Whether it is the busiest quarter of the year, or the slowest, they maintain serenity. We do not believe that this is simply a character trait people are born with. Likewise, they likely did not intentionally practice this. However, they did face an opportunity to turn inward. In this moment, we believe that Jesus does his most refining work in the heart.

By having an open heart at the best place to workout in Arlington, unimaginable change can take place. This is due to the stripping away of false idols that we raised up in our own hearts. Ultimately, idolatry comes from a belief that we will not be alright walking with God. When we work 70+ hours per week, it is because we do not trust that He will provide. At the end of the day, it is not “if” you will have idols, but “when”. We all create things in our minds and hearts that seem to keep us afloat. However, they will always leave us feeling worse than before. For example, when we put our trust in our work, we will find one day that it is not enough.

Ecclesiastes tell us that one day, someone else will receive the fruits of our labor, and will spoil them. Thus, why should we put our hope in our work at all. At the end of the day, we believe that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life we seek. Being the best place to workout in Arlington means that we think we can help on this journey. The good news is that we have to do very little in this process. Fortunately for us, the Lord does most of the work in us. We simply have to open ourselves up to the process.

In conclusion, we believe that we are the best place to workout in Arlington. Therefore, we can be of assistance in this process that you are finding yourself in. It might be you have made it to the Y in the road. If that is the case, we want to stand by you in solidarity as you take the narrow road. Similarly, if you are a young person who has not hit the Y yet, we look forward to seeing you. We also believe that we can be train to see this diverging before it truly reaches us.

As a result, when you do find yourself face to face with your inner self, you will know it well. The great news here is that we are the best place to workout in Arlington. While we walk beside you through this process, we feel that you will experience real change. This change will almost always be towards love, but only if you allow it. If we close ourselves off to it, we believe the Lord will respect your decision and will. Therefore, we deeply encourage you to make the tough decision and follow the road less traveled by. Call us today at 918-766-3353. Grace and peace to you.