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Cheapest gym in Arlington | Two people can workout, tan, and massage

article written for Colaw Fitness

If you’re looking for the cheapest gyms in Arlington, then you came to the right place which is Colaw fitness. Two people can workout, tan, and massage for $1 down and pay only $5 a month with a reward membership. That’s right, we said two people can have access to our gym for just $1 down and $5 a month. You won’t find a better deal than this anywhere in Arlington, and these memberships are also all-inclusive for you. You always get the best deals and the best Jim atmosphere with Colaw fitness, so come by today and visit.

When you visit Colaw fitness, you will notice that we have the friendliest staff on the planet to greet you. Our staff always helps to set us apart from the other gyms in Arlington, because of our excellent customer service. Our staff will always treat you like family, and will take the time to get to know you as well. We love to develop great relationships with our members, because you’re not just another member to us at Colaw fitness. Come by today and visit the cheapest gym in Arlington, and see why we are always it very highly rated online.

You and a free guest, that’s right a free guest, will have access to the best benefits Arlington can offer. Nothing beats our benefits and nobody can beat our service, and to make it better you get 24 hour access. We always have a staff member present to help you if you need us, which our members say they love. You can use your benefits as a member 24 hours a day seven days a week, and bring your guest. You are about to have access to the best equipment in the cheapest gyms in Arlington, so come by today.

Cheapest gym in Arlington

Before we talk about our gym equipment, you need to see some of the benefits that you get for free. Like we already said, you get to bring a guest for free with you every single day with your membership. You and your guest will have access to some amazing benefits, and one of those benefits is a free massage. Our massage area is extremely popular with our members and guests, and we know it’ll be popular with you also. The cheapest gyms in Arlington just got better, because we offer you a free massage every day with your membership.

We also have convenient TVs located in our massage area, just to help you relax further after a long day. You can get a head to toe massage in our classic massage chairs, so just kickback reclined and relax. If you don’t want something as intense as a chair, we have massage waterbeds that are perfect for you. They are super easy to use and control, and provide you with relaxing water jets to melt the stress away. You won’t believe that the cheapest gyms in Arlington can offer you services like this, but we do every day.

The winter is upon us, and most of us will lose our tan that we worked very hard for before. You don’t have to lose your tan when you are a member at Colaw fitness, because of our free tanning. You and your guest will also have access to 24 hour a day seven days a week free tanning areas. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a bed to lay in or a boot to stand and, we have them. Don’t forget to bring your tanning lotions and tanning goggles, or you can purchase them at our front desk also.

Our free tanning and free massage areas help to make us the cheapest gym in Arlington, but it gets better. You get so many more benefits by joining us, and you won’t believe what you get access to wild here. We also offer you free training and free nutritional instruction, which can guarantee you results that will last and rock. You can lose 10 to 30 pounds of body fat, and you can even gain something muscle as well. We have instructional classes that are free for members, so visit the front desk to get yourself signed up today.

Also appreciate all of our members, and we show you once a month on the first Monday every month. We have member appreciation night, and we always like to reward our members with free pizza and have some fun. Not only that, if three of your friends to sign up that night, you get a whole year for free here. That’s right, we offer you the chance to not pay us for an entire year just by bringing your friends. You get this opportunity every single month, so don’t hesitate and get your friends here today to sign them up.

For as little as $5 a month, you have access to all these benefits and so much more with Colaw. We even offer you private restrooms and showers whenever you need to clean up, and never worry about locker rooms. These are quite popular among our members and guests, because nobody really likes having to deal with those locker rooms. You can still lock up your personal belongings when you visit, because we have a community locker area that’s available. Don’t forget to stop by the front desk and get your Colaw fitness water bottle when you sign up also.

If you truly want the best gym experience available, then you need to stop by Colaw fitness in Arlington today. You won’t waste your time visiting other gyms after you visit us, because you’ll see why we are the best. You will be welcomed into a gym that is nonjudgmental, always clean, always working properly, with the friendliest staff ever. We will do whatever we can to encourage and uplift you while you are here, so come by and visit. Come get a tour of our gym at 3803 South Cooper St. unit 120 in Arlington TX, by the mall.