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Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX | Everything Included and Free Stuff

content written for Colaw Fitness

We don’t want you to join Colaw Fitness because it’s the Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX. We are the best VALUE in fitness centers in every market throughout the Midwest. Call us right now and find out the Colaw difference. 417-437-9345 is answered around the clock and voicemails are returned the following business day. With memberships starting at only $5 per month and so much free stuff that you will feel like we are paying you to join.

First off, lets’ start with everyone’s favorite subject to talk about. Food. You know “you are what you eat” is really true. Since your brain uses up about a third of that, food choices are very important to any full body fitness program. This being said, man cannot live on deprivation alone. So one night a month we have Member Appreciation Night. This night we bring in local food vendors of not always healthy stuff to remember life isn’t about deprivation. Not many folks show up for free broccoli either! So come in right now and take a tour and find out when the next free food night will be.

Secondly, what can Colaw Fitness give you besides being the Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX? Maybe you’ve been at your current gym a decade and can’t imagine leaving. You should. Even if you don’t come to us, please change gyms asap. Like so many things in life, we caught in ruts of habits about things we’d rather not even bother pondering. We get that. Variety really is the spice of life. Humans are naturally change resistant.

Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX

Please don’t ever feel high pressure sold to by us either. Everything we provide is information to help and all exactly true. Just read our reviews on Google in any market. We are always the highest rated and most reviewed fitness facility. People mostly talk about our friendly, knowledgeable staff and the cleanliness. Trying to get healthy is impossible in a place that isn’t clean and sanitized. We are staffed around the clock, so take a tour right now and see for yourself. Our staff loves on people and enjoys motivating others success.

Honestly, we aren’t trying to be the Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX. We have a Christian based philosophy to spread health of mind, body, and spirit through love and motivation. Being healthy is the fountain of youth. You can join a gym for vanity and all sorts of reasons, but in the long run, you’ll find health will always be the number one reason.

Colaw Fitness has everything you need inside and you get access to it all for one low price. Not only that, you get to bring a friend for free every time you visit. It’s like having two memberships for the price of one. You can bring a different person every time! Most of our members used to be guests. People find it hard to believe. All this stuff for only $5 a month. There has to be a catch, right? Nope. So much for so little is hard to believe until they come in and see for themselves.

That’s why we always strongly encourage free, no obligation tours. It is hard to believe. Try to even find a tanning salon anymore for that. You can join just to maintain a year round golden beach tan. We have members that only tan. You can get great tanning supplies right at the front counter. We offer natural moisturizing bronzer assortments in various sizes. You can also purchase safety goggles to keep your eyes healthy too.

What else could we possibly offer to you? What more could our members be enjoying at the Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX? Trainer access. That’s right! Over 700 times a year, you can meet a trainer for personal time to learn how to get the most out of your efforts. Included. You will also be able to learn about our proprietary dietary program that teams up with your workout to get the most gains in your first 30 days. Once you see progress, the motivation really gets going.

We have members that ONLY take advantage of our relaxing massage options. For this price, you can afford to join and sneak by after work for some “me” time before going home. Sit or lay down and get the stress of the day kneaded away. You don’t have to workout to join a fitness center, ok? We even have totally private showers, so no more school flashback gyms horror stories for you.

Our music is faith based and motivational from all genres. We also offer free WiFi to bring your own device and stream whatever gets your heart pumping. Did you realize your heartbeat syncs with your music? At the Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX, we have tons of distractions throughout on various televisions as well. You can bring a 3.5m earbud and plug right into many of our machines to listen while you watch. Programming options vary from location to location.

More free stuff! Free pens and vinyl decals. Display you Colaw Fitness pride. If that’s not enough, we offer a full array of seasonal wear. From sleek tank tops in summer to warm and cuddly hoodies in the winter, wear your gym gear with pride. Stop in now and see what’s available. We always have a variety of t-shirts available and designs change often. We even have a special shirt that proceeds help build water wells in Africa. Come in and find out more about that program. We’re always teaming up with different local, national, and world charities. We receive more when we give.

So, again, if you want to join the Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX, that’s us. Colaw Fitness. However, if you want to join the best gym in Arlington, TX, well, that’s also us. Just get in here, take the tour. Find a friend that’s a member and be their guest. Bring a few friends in to join with you and you can get an entire YEAR of membership for FREE! Ask about that when you stop by. It’s easy and we have new winners every month!

Call or come by today. 417-437-9345 is always answered, but if you have to leave a message, please know it will be answered without delay the following business day. Thanks for considering joining the Colaw Fitness family. Satisfaction guaranteed or you can cancel! We’re confident this is just the right price and place you’ve been looking for. All ages, sizes, and levels of fitness welcomed and loved!