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Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX | Never So Much For So Little

Content written for Colaw Fitness

Are you looking for the cheapest gym in Arlington TX? Well, look no further than Colaw Fitness! We aren’t just trying to be the cheapest gym in Arlington TX though. Not at all. We are trying to partner with our members and guests to create a culture of love, peace and full body, mind, and spirit health. Please call us right this minute and find out how your fitness and health goals are fostered and encouraged at Colaw Fitness. Our number is 918-766-3353. Calls are answered around the clock and voicemails are returned the following business day.

Some of our members never even touch a piece of physical fitness equipment. They may just stop in after a long, stressful day to knead away the exhaustion and relax before heading home to be a caretaker. We have several massage options available and they are included with every membership. With memberships starting at only $5 per month, you can join ONLY to get a massage. That’s not all though! You can bring a friend for free. Every single time you come to enjoy the cheapest gym in Arlington TX, someone can join you. You both have complete access to everything inside of every Colaw Fitness. It’s like a two for one membership nearly. Please don’t ever let money come between you and your health. People depend on you taking care of yourself.

In fact, our motto/slogan is “You are worth it.” It isn’t a catchy phrase we created to sell gym membership. It’s part of our core Christian beliefs. We play faith-based motivational music in every Colaw Fitness location. Various genres of music will get your heart and body pumping in no time. Free WiFi is available for you to bring your favorite device and watch or listen to what works for you. Walk away the hours on a treadmill while binge watching your latest finds. Perhaps some yoga videos will inspire you as you enjoy our dedicated floor space and equipment to assist you reaching you’re best body.

Cheapest gym in Arlington TX

Being the cheapest gym in Arlington TX is just a bonus for you to share with your family and friends. Most of our members were former guests. Honestly, when people come the VERY FIRST TIME is when they usually join. People seem to think there is a trick or hoops or some financial ulterior motive for fitness facilities in general. There were many decades ago and the fiscal memory is long. At Colaw Fitness, we pride ourselves on breaking every negative connotation with our industry and giving you what you really need to be a healthy caretaker. A caretaker of your children? Perhaps your parents or elder family members? But most of all, of your own body.

Again, we do not want to sell you anything. You will NEVER be high pressure, fast-talking, roped into anything with us. There will not be Buyer’s Remorse because you have all the options. We greet you with warmth, empathy, and love. We listen with our heart and minds. Here for your needs and adaptable. That has nothing to do with being the cheapest gym in Arlington TX. So use your favorite search engine and let our members and guests tell you in their own words. It’s a refreshing and long-overdue surprise when people discover that Colaw Fitness is exactly what they’ve always wanted without every really knowing it. We are the highest and most rated fitness center in every market we are located.

Something you will read quite often about us is “clean”. We are staffed around the clock for your safety and health needs. We are there to give tours and answer questions. Someone is cleaning there right now, go check for us! Our facility and equipment are clean, sanitary, and disinfected. Having a healthy facility is of utmost importance when we are working out. We have sanitizing stations located throughout every facility for self service care, as well. Sanitizing gel and anti-bacterial soap are just one great thing always there for you at Colaw Fitness.

One of those other things you may not like about working out or the gym experience is locker rooms. The cheapest gym in Arlington TX does not have any locker rooms. We have lockers to use while on site, just bring your own lock. Locks available for purchase at the front counter. We have private showers in our private restrooms. Your privacy and ability to be in a calm, safe, secure location are an integral part of keeping a great fitness lifestyle. We have lots of merchandise at the front desk so always stop and see what’s new.

From seasonal hoodies in light and mid weights, to men’s and women’s tank tops to show off all your hard work. We get different Limited Edition merchandise in quite often. Being the cheapest gym in Arlington TX is just one reason to come in, sure. Really though, you should come get something free right now. We ALWAYS have something free! We love free as much as you do. If you took advantage of everything free that we offer, you can get an entire year of membership for free. We may have ink pens, vinyl decals, Lifesaver Mints, t-shirts, food, and so much more. It just depends on when you come by, what we are giving away. Just ask when you stop in for a tour when our next Member Appreciation Night is.

On M.A.N., we have local vendors and restaurants bring in food or smoothies and you are welcome to come by to see what is free then too. You are sure to get a free meal, so it’s worth the trip. When you consider joining the cheapest gym in Arlington TX, we KNOW you should take a tour first. Day passes are available, so just give us a test drive and you’ll be sold. We know you are worth it. Join Colaw Fitness and you’ll be believing it too in no time.

Can you believe people would actually join the cheapest gym in Arlington TX and never workout though? Not only do they massage, but they tan. You can keep that golden glow all year around or just get ready for special events. We offer a colorful variety of tanning goggles for purchase at the front desk. There are bronzers with healthy natural ingredients for sale in various sizes. Tanning may have other health and skin benefits. Please research this information to relieve any anxiety you may have about your health and safety. We have lay down and upright units available. These are disinfected before and after use.

Finally, come in or call right now at 918-766-3353 and let us help you decide for sure why we aren’t just the cheapest gym in Arlington TX, we are the one that cares for your complete well being. Thank you for your consideration.