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Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX | The Friendliest Staff

Article written for Colaw Fitness

At Colaw Fitness, we’re not only the cheapest gym in Arlington TX, but we have the friendliest staff as well. Our staff works hard to ensure your experience at Colaw Fitness is the best experience you’ve had at a gym. We greet eveyone that walks in through the doors, wish them a good day, and give out free high-fives! You will not find a better gym or better staff who works extra hard for their members than Colaw Fitness. Colaw Fitness has the best atmosphere, nonjudgemental environment, and friendliest staff anywhere on the planet and our members will agree.

The cheapest gym in Arlington TX is by far Colaw Fitness, due to our all-inclusive memberships for every member. We have something for everyone at Colaw Fitness, regardless of your current or starting point with your health and fitness. The friendliest staff on the planet will coach you through our free training instruction classes, so get signed up today. Our staff will walk you through every machine that we have at Colaw fitness, to ensure your knowledge and safety. You will be instructed on how to set up the machine, as well as pick the right wait for you.

Our staff will also provide you with a free exercise plan, so there’s no guess work on what you do. As the cheapest gyms in Arlington Texas, we want to see all of our members have the best success possible. You can ask our staff questions at any time, if you need any further assistance on any of our machines. You will feel yourself getting stronger, as you build up that lean muscle and burn the extra fat away. Grab your best friend and head down to Colaw fitness in Arlington Texas today, so we can get you started.

cheapest gym in arlington tx

Another great benefit of the cheapest gyms in Arlington Texas, is you can bring a friend for free every time. At Colaw fitness, we will never charge you any extra to bring a friend to exercise or hang out here. You can bring a different friend each time, or if you want to just bring the same friend every time. This is part of our all-inclusive memberships, and exercising is so much more fun when you have friends here. We would love to meet you and go over all the details, so come by and visit us here today.

You and your guest will have access to awesome benefits 24 hours a day seven days a week at Colaw. One of those awesome benefits is access to our tanning area, which is free and available to your guest also. You and your guest will be welcomed by the friendly staff on the planet, and you can head to tanning. Once there, you can choose from one of our tanning booths or tanning beds, and don’t forget the lotions either. We have tanning lotions and tanning goggles for cell at our front desk, so ask our staff if they are needed.

You and your guest will enjoy the warmth of the tanning bulbs, especially during the winter months in Arlington Texas. Get ready early for next summer, by getting that golden bronze look throughout the winter time with your free tanning. You can also hold on to the current tan that you worked hard for, and maintain it through the winter. You and your free guest will love visiting our free tanning area, which is available 24 hours a day also. We want to provide the best benefits to all our members and guests, as the cheapest gym in Arlington Texas.

You can also take your guest to our massage area to hang out, and get your free benefits of massage. We have a great selection of massage chairs, or even hydromassage beds which our members really seem to love also. Our hydromassage beds are controlled by a touchscreen that is attached to the bed, where you have all the control. You can adjust the speed, strength, and range of the water jets, so you can sink into deep relaxation massaging. Our hydromassage beds are very popular with our members and guests, and even favored over most of the massage chairs.

We still have the classic massage chairs that everyone knows and loves, which can be controlled by a small remote. You can adjust many different settings as well as speeds and strength, so you can get the massage down perfect. You can also feel free to watch one of our many large TV screens, which are provided in the area. Even if you and your guest don’t feel like exercising, we encourage you to hang out and get a massage. We would love to show you in person during a free tour, so come by and visit us at Colaw.

You can grab a membership for as low as one dollar down and pay only five dollars every single month. All you have to do is show of 12 or more days every month and you’ll only pay five dollars. This is our reward membership. That reward you the more you come, so it’s perfect motivation to visit the gym. We also have other membership options available for your needs, such as our $10 a month flat rate gym membership. This membership is perfect for those with a busy and comfortable schedule, and stays $10 a month no matter what.

With many other benefits and membership options available, we encourage you to come by in person to see for yourself. Our staff would love to meet you and get to know you, and explain everything that we have to offer. Colaw fitness in Arlington Texas is the cheapest gym in Arlington Texas, so come by and get started with us. We have everything you need and so much more in a fitness center, and we know you won’t be disappointed. Grab your best friend and head down to Colaw fitness in Arlington Texas today, and join the Colaw fitness family.