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Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX | Why Pay More For Less?

content written for Colaw Fitness

If you’re looking for the Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX, Colaw Fitness should be your only destination. You will never find so much included in one fitness center for only $5 per month. Staffed 24 hours a day and always taking your questions via telephone at 417-437-9345. We have locations throughout the Midwest and as we grow and learn, so can you.

If you only got to use part of our facility for that price, it would be a great deal. However, you get access to everything inside for one low rate. You don’t ever have to workout at all to join Colaw Fitness. We have dozens of members that only do one thing. They may just massage, tan, or shower, and that’s all included.

Colaw Fitness is here for your mind, body and spirit health. Sometimes just getting your mind healthy is the first step to wanting and doing more. Start with some massage options to relax after a hard day or a tough workout. Being the Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice amenities. You will find hundreds of work out options because there are so many effective and personal routines for fitness. Don’t forget the tanning and free stuff.

First though, we have the steel to give you that hard body. Be assured, we have available two types of elliptical machines, rowing, stair climbers, treadmills, recumbent/vertical bicycles, circuit training, and free weights. There are old school machines and new technology equipment. Your membership included free access to a live human trainer six days a week. No matter what the price, you should not join a gym and feel lost once inside.

Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX

We provide serenity in an oasis of caring people. We are staffed around the clock and cleaning constantly for your health. There are sanitation stations located throughout every Colaw Fitness. So please don’t think there are any short cuts to us being the Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX. Come take a tour right now and see for yourself. From the minute you walk in to a warm greeting and an empathetic ear, you will know why we are the highest rated and most reviewed fitness center in every market we reside.

As the Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX, you can pay only FIVE DOLLARS per month. There are membership specials periodically that give away up to three free months. We also have Membership Appreciation Night and serve a variety of local vendor restaurant choices. We volunteer and donate in every community. Colaw Fitness knows how important we are to each other for complete health. It is also super easy to get an entire year for free, so don’t forget to ask about that!

It is a sanctuary environment to spend a couple hours working on your body or mind. Free WiFi is available for streaming on your favorite device. Anything to distract you and help you pass the time adds to your success and commitment. Once you see the progress for yourself, it helps motivate you to continue.

All the great fitness tools you have seen in the store, but not wanted to invest in, are located at Colaw Fitness. Have you wanted to sit on and see what you can do with an exercise ball? How many times have you watched that Chuck Norris video wondering about cable machines? Will those resistance bands help you achieve your body sculpting goals? How can you try out kettle bells without investing in something that is not the correct weight for you? Colaw Fitness is the answer to these questions and so much more.

We have decades of fitness experience. You have decades of fitness excuses. Lets merge these ideas and get you healthy! Maybe you just fear locker rooms? Well, also at the Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX, there are no locker rooms. That’s right. We have private showers for everyone. Lockers are available in the common area to use just while you’re here though. Locks are available to purchase while on site or feel free to bring your own.

If you forget to bring a smart device, we offer many televisions to watch. Bring your standard 3.5mm ear buds and plug in to our cardio machines. You will be able to select from several choices of programming options. Sports to news to education and entertainment, there is something everyone enjoys.

The culture we provide within Colaw Fitness is one of peace and harmony. Everyone has as much privacy as they choose. Come out and see old friends and make new ones. Like minded people bonding over health makes for a great bond. Our staff is highly motivated for your success and always available for assistance. We even have members meet and fall in love and marry. It really is a happy place.

Any age, any size, any fitness shape. Colaw Fitness provides an atmosphere of love and care. Our members and guests enjoy the great things about our staff as much as just getting in a heart pounding workout. We all become like family, so don’t be “gym-timidated”. From 12 years old to 100, we have everyone in here getting and staying healthy. This really is the only true fountain of youth because workout. With your desire and our knowledge, there’s only success on your horizon.

Don’t pick a fitness center just because it’s the Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX though. Find a home for you. A great price is just part of how we give back. We volunteer in the local communities and across the planet. Fitness shouldn’t be something just for the financially able or perfect bodies. The obesity crisis in America makes this more important than ever. The food temptations are constantly screaming at us because they are everywhere.

It isn’t easy. But it is cheap. Go right now and take a tour and see for yourself. Most of our members were guests once and couldn’t believe it was true either. No gimmicks. No sales ploys because nobody likes those. Just you and Colaw Fitness being the best human machine you can be together, inside and out. So call us right now and let us answer any other questions you might have. Voicemails are answered the following business day, so please don’t hesitate to leave a message at 417-437-9345.