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Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX | You Can Be Healthier

content written for Colaw Fitness

What is the Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX? You are searching for your perfect place to work on your health and feel better? Come by for a tour 24/7 to see the Colaw Fitness for yourself. Feel free to call us at 417-437-9345 to speak with a knowledgeable fitness professional. It does not matter if you have always been in a gym or if you have never been in a gym. We offer so many benefits and a ton of free stuff. So what are you waiting for?

Are you in pain? Have years taken their toll on your health? Are you too busy to make it to the gym and don’t think you can afford it anyway? All of those worries do not exist with Colaw Fitness members and guests. For as low as $5 per month you can workout and bring a guest for free every single time. It’s like having two gym memberships for one low price. Our staff is so excited when people stop by, no matter the reason. So feel free to take a tour in the middle of the night because someone is always there for you.

If you do Google research about fitness you will end up overwhelmed and dizzy from conflicting knowledge. Stop all that now! Being the Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX is great for everyone, but the greatest part is that it is ALL inclusive. We don’t have layered pricing for certain access. In fact, we have tanning only members and massage only members and shower only members. Honestly, that’s all they need and it’s such a great value.

Colaw Fitness provides you an entire restroom with a built in shower for privacy. Lockers are right near by for you to use while you visit. Locks are certainly optional so bring one or buy one up front. We have taken all the things out of the entire gym experience that decades of knowledge have taught us. Enjoy serenity and peace in a place with loving and respectful people. That’s not something you’ll find in most gyms in Arlington, TX, right?

Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX

Colaw Fitness was created through Christian philosophy and full mind, body, and spirit health for everyone. You are worth it. You’ll see that printed all over our walls, along with lots of great focus phrases. Our music is faith-based and highly motivational. We offer free WiFi if you wish to bring your own device. The miles go by quickly on a recumbent or upright bicycle when you are streaming your favorite binge episodes.

So what about the free stuff? You can get so much free stuff at Colaw Fitness, it’s like we’re paying you to be healthy. We can live with that! Health is truly our best asset and without it we cannot help others. You know when you are sick or down with an illness it disrupts many lives. We also love you to bring a friend because there is something for everyone inside here besides being just the Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX.

Free food is also an easy way to make back your $5 a month. That’s right on one evening a month we celebrate Member Appreciation Night. We bring in yummy food from all around local vendors. Usually it’s pizza or ice cream or even wraps and smoothies. So when you go do your tour, don’t forget to ask “when is the next M.A.N?”. Also see how easy it is to get you year of membership fees paid by us! An entire year free? Yes, we have many members that do this every year, so check it out!

We have gym equipment. That’s a given, right? We have the old school stuff that Rocky would use and the latest additions to fitness that MMA fighters swear by. No matter if your inspiration is Plyometrics or HIIT Training. You don’t even have to know what any of those things are! Your $5 a month includes access to a live trainer over a dozen times every week. They can show you how to use machines to work on your focus areas in a safe manner.

We have also created an amazing dietary program to combine with your desire and dedication to get the most out of your first 30 days. This is also part of your membership. Motivation is the most important part of creating a good new life habit. We are motivated to help get you there. Teach and learn from our members constantly. We have ages 12 and up getting their bodies and minds up to their best standards.

We have lots of handicap parking available and members come in with walkers, canes, and canine registered helpers. Everyone is welcome and it doesn’t matter what you wear! Colaw Fitness is the Cheapest Gym in Arlington, TX, but it is also the BEST VALUE.

When you walk in you are greeted like family and welcomed with answers to all your curiosities. Our staff enjoys being at Colaw Fitness. We are a family with our members and guests and that No Gym Jerk culture creates peace you will feel when you walk in the door. Everyone is respectful and kind and helpful.

Right at the counter we also have tons of free stuff and gym gear. Show your Colaw Fitness pride with a light or heavy weight hoodie. When the heat is on, grab one of our fashionable tank tops. Often we have male and female exclusive items. Seasonally we change designs, so grab them fast. Most designs are also limited edition.

Your monthly fees also go to assist building water wells in Mozambique. We have t-shirts for sale that all proceeds go to this project as well. We volunteer in our community and give back to programs aimed at furthering each other in whatever goals you seek to attain.

Just take a tour. Words on a screen can never fully explain why the Colaw Fitness difference is about way more than just being the Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX. Call us at 417-437-9345 and hear it in our voice. We care about you and you are worth it. It’s not a useless slogan, it’s what we live and share with you every time you visit.