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Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX | You Really Can Have It All

This content written for Colaw Fitness

Wouldn’t it be great to get all your fitness needs in one place for one low price? At the Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX, you can! Check out Colaw Fitness and their amazing FIVE dollar a month membership. Call right now and hear it all at 417-437-9345. Better yet, come take a tour. Day or night we are staffed and cleaning and waiting to show you all that we have.

All too often you read about a gym promotional price that only lets you access part of the facility or it goes up after a couple of months. At Colaw Fitness we give away a lot of stuff for FREE, but our $5 a month membership is not a promotion. Day after day, for many years now, people all over the Midwest have been getting it all with Colaw Fitness. Just read the reviews if you don’t believe us. People cannot believe you get everything in the facility for such a low price.

We are a Christian based business, so please know that you can trust us. We aren’t trying to sell you anything. Colaw can partner with you to help you achieve all your fitness goals though. We have the knowledge and experience you want in the Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX. Colaw Fitness wants everyone to have access to health and fitness, no matter what that may mean to you personally.

Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX

We also want everyone to have access to shelter and food and water. Your $5 membership helps build water wells in Mozambique, Uganda, and the Congo. You can also buy special promotional shirts that all proceeds benefit these ventures. Our staff donates their time and money in the local communities by paying it forward. One look inside Colaw Fitness and you can’t help but pick up on the peaceful culture and diverse atmosphere.

Colaw Fitness would never rest on just being the Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX. Our history and our reputation show the value of a Colaw Fitness membership changes lives in so many ways. We have day, week, and monthly passes available if you feel you’d like to test drive it all though. Our Bring A Friend For FREE policy is probably our greatest recruiting asset. For the same low $5 a month, you can always bring a workout buddy with you. You can bring a different person every time if you want to. It’s all just part of us wanting you to feel comfortable and at home.

You may not want to work out or have an injury you are rehabilitating from and just need a massage. Colaw Fitness prices allow everyone to join and be able to fine tune their health for whatever they need. Sometimes you just want to relax into a massage after work and rub the day away. There is never any pressure to do anything here. Use as much or as little workout equipment and cardio supplies as you care too.

Can you get a tanning salon membership for $5 a month? Colaw Fitness offers both lay down and stand up units ready and waiting to keep you in that golden beach glow all year around. You would never expect the Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX to include tanning. Right up at the front counter we sell the tools you need to darken and moisturize you time investment. Safety goggles can also be purchased if you forget to bring yours.

We honestly give away so much free stuff that it is almost embarrassing to even mention. Almost. How about free food? Free merchandise? Free 12-month memberships? All of these things are included with a low $5 a month membership price. Just for taking a tour, you could even grab a couple Colaw Fitness ink pens to keep us on you mind in the car. We have some great logo decals you can stick on the mirror so you can remember to go workout. Maybe put one on the refrigerator for motivation. Most of all just come get the FREE FOOD!

Free food is served to members, guests, and curious tourists on Member Appreciation Night. One night a month when the entire staff turns out for a party and we cater dinner for you! Come take a tour right now and get some swag and find out when the next night is for FREE FOOD! Also see how so many people are not even paying anything for 12 months! It’s incredible! Did you think the Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX would actually be FREE? For a year? It’s easier than getting up at 4 in the morning and driving to the gym, so ask us how!

We have stuff you can buy to show off your gym pride or physical progress. Colaw Fitness comes up with seasonal limited edition prints so grab them when they arrive to get the ones you want. Hoodies come in light and heavy weights and tank tops and t-shirts are in different designs and colors. At different promotions we also give away shirts, too, so ask about that.

There’s a lot to remember, so you better hurry and get to the Cheapest Gym in Arlington TX and take a tour. You can tour everywhere before Colaw Fitness and be positive that we’re still the best or you can just get in here. Be greeted with a warm smile and an intent ear. You’ll always feel like part of our family. In fact members even meet and fall in love and marry and make their own families. You can bring the family along or meet new members every day.

From ages 12 and up, bring us your needs and let us show you our answers so call right now 417-437-9345. Leave a message and a knowledgeable staff member will get back to you asap. For faster results, come take a tour. Thank you for your consideration. If you don’t join Colaw Fitness, please, take care of yourself!