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Cheapest Gym in OKC | Low Cost, but High Quality!

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

Colaw Fitness is arguably one of the best and Cheapest Gym in OKC because not only do we have an amazing facility and staff, but also we have amazing members. We also have top of the line equipment for everyone’s fitness needs, machines that can help you relax, and we are open 24/7! We want to make sure that every person who comes into one of our gyms feels safe and feels the motivating energy we have here. Don’t just take our word for how amazing we are, but make sure that you check out our reviews to really understand what we are all about. If you have any questions, feel free to call (918)-766-3353 or check out our website by searching for “Colaw Fitness”.

Here at Colaw Fitness, we have an amazing staff who is dedicated to giving you the best gym experience possible. From encouragement to support to education, we will make sure that you feel comfortable and confident when you walk through our doors. Speaking of walking through our doors, you can walk into them anytime because we are open 24/7, except for Christmas and our weekly deep cleans. Our gym is not only one of the cheapest in OKC, but we are also one of the most accessible when it comes to timing. No matter what time you walk in, you will be greeted with warmth and a smiling face because we are so happy you chose our gym.

We have some of the best work out equipment here at Colaw Fitness to ensure that everyone, no matter where you are in your fitness journey, has their thing. From treadmills to Matrix machines to weights, we have you covered. We also have an open mat area to ensure that you have a space to do your own work out without the bustle of equipment. Feel free to sign up for one of our orientation classes at the front desk if you need help learning how to use any of our equipment. Because we are one of the cheapest gyms in OKC, we assure you that those classes will be included in your membership. Our gym isn’t just a gym, though, because we also have equipment to help you with other aspects of your self-care journey.

Cheapest Gym in OKC

One of the most praised parts of getting a membership at one of the cheapest gyms in OKC. Is the fact that our massages are included in the cost! We have a variety of massages to offer you based on your needs. Such as the massage chairs and our hydro-massage beds. Our hydro-massage beds use streams of water to hit the pressure points in your back without actually getting you wet. Which ensures comfort and relaxation. Our massage chairs are simple and have remotes where you can decide where you want the massage. And how powerful you’d like it to be. We recognize that these materials are popular. So feel more relaxed knowing that we clean our massage units (and all of our equipment) daily. As well as asking our members to use the materials provided to clean up after each use.

Not only do we have massage options for you, but we have tanning options as well! You have the opportunity to get a stand up tan. Or use one of our tanning beds to get that wonderful glow no matter what time of year it is! Everyone’s self-care routine is different and unique to the individual. So we want to make sure everyone’s needs are taken care of. Like the massage opportunities, these tanning opportunities also come included in your membership! Whether it be the day pass or the rewards’ membership. We wouldn’t be one of the cheapest gyms in OKC. If we didn’t offer you the benefits of the entire facility.

To make sure we have everything you need here at one of the cheapest gyms in OKC. If there is something extra or just not right, contact the front desk staff. There you will find some of the friendliest and most helpful people. To ensure that all of your needs are met. At the front desk, you can sign up for one of our orientation classes. Or ask a question, or mention a concern you have. You can also purchase extra items such as gym-wear (hoodies, tank tops, etc). Or a gym bag or water bottle, and even a lock for one of our free lockers in our locker rooms. Whatever you may need from a gym, we’ve probably got it at the front desk!

Also included in your membership is access to other materials as well! We have a diet plan that was created by one of our founders, Charles Colaw. That works with your work out plan at our gym. We call it the CF-30, which is short for the Colaw Fitness 30-Day Challenge. And it is a diet focused on making sure you get all the energy you need from eating 6 times a day. And eating nutritious meats and vegetables. Charles Colaw is a trained body builder. So he knows a thing or two about making sure your body gets what it needs and is healthy to the max!

We also have a podcast for you to listen to titled, “You Are Worth It”. That is put together by our founders Charles and Amber Colaw. It is designed to help encourage and support you throughout your journey. As well as give you tips and tricks for working out at home. We just want to make sure you have everything you need to be successful. No matter where you are at in your fitness journey. This is what makes us one of the best and cheapest gyms in OKC.

At Colaw Fitness, we recognize that we cannot be the only versions of support for you on your journey. This is why we have a buddy system of sorts. Where you can bring in an extra friend/loved one to enjoy the same benefits as you! They can enjoy the tanning and massage opportunities, as well as the equipment we have to offer. All that is needed is they need to log in with their guest ID every time they come in, so they are in the system. The best part of this deal is the fact that it is at no extra cost to your friend or you! It is included in your Colaw Fitness membership. Whether it be the day pass or reward membership. We want you to feel supported here at one of the cheapest gyms in OKC.

We also have a “no gym jerk” policy here at Colaw Fitness. To ensure that you have the most encouraging space to work out. This includes no one being a gym jerk with a show off attitude by dropping loud weights or being disruptive. We also ask that everybody covers their torso and waist while working out here. No one needs to feel pressured to be a certain way or act a certain way. While here at the cheapest gym in OKC, we just ask you aren’t rude. Everyone is at a different place in their fitness journeys, and we just want that to be respected. Help us not only continue to be one of the cheapest gyms in OKC. But also one with a positive atmosphere.

At the end of the day, we just care that you have a positive gym experience here at Colaw Fitness. We want to make sure that you feel like you can make progress in your fitness journey wherever you might be. If you want any work out tips or some encouragement. Feel free to check out our owner’s podcast, “You Can Do This” by our founders, Amber and Charles Colaw. Come in today to get your own membership and see just how worth it, you are at Colaw Fitness. If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call at (918)-766-3353. Or go to our website to have all of your questions answered.