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Cheapest Gym in OKC | Our Daily Battle

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

Did you know that the cheapest gym in OKC has never sent anyone to collections? Whereas many companies try squeeze every last penny out of their patrons, Colaw Fitness does not. Although yes, money is necessary for operations, our goals go far beyond that. Whereas other gyms may treat their members with less respect after acquiring an open balance, we offer a gentle word. The best part about this is that you are then able to have civil conversation with a staff member. Having an open balance does not disqualify you from your personhood. This is a conviction that we hold that radiates throughout our fitness centers. If this seems intriguing to you, call us at 918-766-3353.

In many ways, healthy growth can be broken down into three categories at Colaw Fitness. Those are nurture, battle, and new life. The first of these, nurture, is one that we often forget about when striving for physical health. To nurture is to provide all necessary positive components for sustenance and growth. Similarly, it is also the removal of all unnecessary, negative components that resist growth and sustenance. Therefore, we want to make sure that we continually nurture good habits throughout this journey and remove bad ones.

For instance, if you are planning on losing weight, you have to do more than just not eat bad food. In addition, you have to implement healthy routines into your life and nurture them to fruition. The Bible uses gardening as an allegory for this. “They shall be like a tree planted by water”, Jeremiah says. “It shall not fear when heat comes…”, he adds. Therefore, we must nurture our good habits for the day the heat comes. That heat is what we will discuss in the next section.

Cheapest Gym in OKC

The next stage of growth is battle. Though we remove the unfruitful habits from our lives, they often find a way to come back. Often times they do so with a vengeance. When we implement our new habits, our old ones begin to resist. As a result, we often feel it with our bodies. This can show itself in headaches, migraines, restlessness, nausea, and a host of other things. Even though we have joined the cheapest gym in OKC, our body is resisting the changes. One way these old habits battle against us in through cravings.

As a consequence, we often want the things that we do not truly desire deep down. Whereas our real desire is to see weight loss or to be able to run longer, our body says otherwise. We feel cravings for old habits and temptations for old coping strategies. The Apostle Paul says it best in his letter to the Romans. He says, “What I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.” Often times, we feel that we have to wage war against our own bodies and desires.

However, the third and final stage of growth after joining the cheapest gym in OKC is new life. Many people that have experienced this transformation say that they are a totally different person. This is for a good reason. Who they were at the beginning of their journey looks nothing like they do now. This runs the whole gambit of physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual health. Because of this, everybody wants this as soon as they begin their fitness journey. Hopefully by now I have convinced you that it is a little more difficult than just doing it.

This comes only after the nurturing of new habits, and battling against the old ones. Therefore, we find ourselves as new people who feel how they ought to feel. Our muscles grow stronger and our breathing doesn’t get quite as rapid when we exercise. Again the Apostle Paul describes this beautifully in his letter to the Colossian church. He says, “…since you have taken off your old self…” Continuing, “…put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.”

At the cheapest gym in OKC, you can begin this deep process by which your life can be radically changed. I must say that it is not a linear process. You do not begin by nurturing good habits and simply end at new life. Hence, in many ways this process is cyclical. Some days you may find yourself once again fighting off cravings. Additionally, this may come after years of fighting against your old habits and even winning.

None of us are exempt from the temptation to turn back to our old selves. However, this is where your community becomes essential in helping you maintain this new life. Nothing is more encouraging than hearing someone more experienced say they know what you are going through. Almost as a rule, we tell ourselves that we are the only people that are experiencing these things. Hence, that it is only difficult for us whereas other people have it easy.

The sense of camaraderie that can grow at the cheapest gym in OKC is nearly miraculous. You may find that shared struggle is often a great way to make friends. For instance, people that have fought in wars together often have a bond that lasts a lifetime. With that in mind, open your battling to others so that you can hold each other up. There is nothing better than a committed workout buddy! Galatians 6:2 says, “Carry each others burdens to fulfill the law of Christ.” This journey to a new life is already difficult, but will be nearly impossible without people around us. When you feel the cravings coming back, tell a friend. As a result, they can encourage and remind you of who you are and what you do!

In conclusion, there is a process by which we grow into the people we want to be. First, we have to nurture new habits in our lives. Second, we have to battle against cravings toward our old habits. Finally, we have to surround ourselves with other people to experience the new life we are looking for. All of this can very well start by one choice to join the cheapest gym in OKC. Please call us for more information at 918-766-3353 or visit us online at ColawFitness.com. Grace and peace to you.