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Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City | Best Equipment In Town

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

At Colaw Fitness, we are always looking for better ways to offer our members a valuable experience. One way that we accomplish this is by supplying some of the best fitness equipment in the industry. Our facilities are filled to the brim with Matrix and Hammer Strength equipment. These two companies offer machine options that can hardly be found anywhere else. As a result, you are getting access to facilities that are worth millions of dollars for a low monthly payment. We are without a doubt the cheapest gym in Oklahoma City! Therefore, we believe that signing up with Colaw Fitness will always be a great option! Give us a call at 918-766-3353 for information today!

There are a few ways that we offer our members a valuable experience while at Colaw Fitness. Colaw Fitness is the cheapest gym in Oklahoma City. Therefore, our competitive advantage is already our low monthly payments. That being said, we also offer more amenities in the industry. Outside of our fitness equipment, we also offer a wide variety of amenities. Some of these include free trainer and nutrition instruction, massage, tanning, and free guests. Amongst these we also create content regularly for our members and friends. This includes the You Can Do This! podcast, as well as weekly episodes for member big wins. These include results that our members have seen in their fitness journey. Thus, during our weekly episodes, we also provide encouragement for our members and friends.

Our facilities are stocked full of high-end fitness equipment from Matrix and Hammer Strength. One great thing about Matrix cable machines are the user-friendly nature of them. They include graphs showing the best way to set it up to fit you best. Additionally, they also show you proper starting and finishing positions. Besides that, they also contain a QR code that will show you a brief instructional video on how to use the machine.

Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City

This will show you in real time how to achieve everything previously mentioned. Hence, you can find these in all of our facilities, no matter where you go. In contrast, other gyms might vary based on the location that you are at. You might walk into one that is in great condition, but the same gym in the town over is dilapidated. At Colaw Fitness, we take great care of all of our equipment at all of our facilities.

As I mentioned earlier, you get access to facilities valued in the millions of dollars. This is unheard of for the cheapest gym in Oklahoma City. Most gyms will raise their prices as they grow. Some even charge you premiums for dilapidated equipment. At Colaw Fitness, we provide multi-million dollar facilities for a low monthly payment. In fact, it is more expensive to maintain Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, or Apple Music memberships than Colaw Fitness’. This is significant for us, and we believe that it makes us the best gym in the area. Once our equipment does begin to breakdown, we replace it as quickly as possible. We spare no time nor expense making sure that everything is ready to go for you. Therefore, we want broken equipment to be the last worry that you have when you come into the gym.

We have three main goals each day at the cheapest gym in Oklahoma City. First, we want to keep our facility clean for all of our members. Now, when I say clean, what I really mean is spotless. We want Colaw Fitness to set the standard for gyms all around the country. This means that our staff is regularly deep cleaning our entire facility. From here, our next goal is to make sure that all of our equipment stays fixed.

It is not abnormal for fitness equipment to break on a regular basis. Therefore, if you have been a member of a gym before, you know what this is like. You find yourself walking in and almost nothing seems to actually work. As a result, we try incredibly hard to make sure that we do not have equipment out of order. Therefore, we hold ourselves to a seven-day maximum on broken equipment when possible.

Our last goal is to love on our members. This is the main goal of our front desk staff. Our goal at the cheapest gym in Oklahoma City is to greet every person within five seconds. After that, we want to ask them how their day is going so far and if we can help them. Additionally, we also implement this out on the gym floor. We have implemented what we call the ten foot rule. The ten foot rule indicates that all staff members must acknowledge members within a ten foot radius. This helps make sure that every person in our immaculate facility feels taken care of.

Overall, our goals all meet together in a beautiful trinity. At Colaw Fitness, we want every person to feel welcome, so that is why we have created these goals. Ultimately, we feel that we become directionless if we do not give ourselves goals! Therefore, we also try to implement these systems in a way that our members can interact with. If they follow our CF-30 diet and exercise program, they get a look into what we aim to do.

In conclusion, Colaw Fitness is the cheapest gym in Oklahoma City. Additionally, we provide our members with a multi-million dollar experience. We do all of this for just a low monthly payment. To create the environment we would choose for ourselves, we implement three daily goals. Those goals are to keep it clean, keep it fixed, and love on the people. We feel that if we abide by these goals, we will never go wrong. Therefore, we are very appreciative of the opportunities that we have been given in the industry. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can find our information at ColawFitness.com. You can also contact us by phone any time at 918-766-3353. Thank you for considering Colaw Fitness as your next fitness hub. Grace and peace to you.