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Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City | Finally No Gimmick Fitness

This content written for Colaw Fitness

Do you just want to find the Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City? Congratulations, Colaw Fitness is exactly that and so much more. We are the CHEAPEST that includes everything in the building for five dollars a month. So give us a call right now at 417-437-9345 and put your doubts and skepticism to rest. It’s cheap, it’s a value, and it’s what you need right now for your mind, body, and spirit health.

Colaw Fitness is Christian-based and filled with motivational music to get your heart pumping and your spirits lifted. Being the Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City is certainly something we are proud of, but it isn’t our main intention. We want to make fitness affordable for everyone. We want you to pay five dollars and month and bring someone with you EVERY time for the same five dollars. It’s like a BOGO!

You bringing a guest with you allows you to have an accountable fitness person for your attendance and keep you and them motivated. No matter what your fitness goals are, Colaw Fitness can help you with them. Your five dollars a month gives you access to a trainer nearly every day and you can learn about our proprietary dietary program. We have decades of fitness experience that you can profit from at the Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City.

Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City

Most members were once guests, honestly. So please, stop whatever you are doing and come take a tour right now. You will realize the tens of thousands of five-star positive reviews online were correct. Colaw Fitness has the friendliest staff and the cleanest gym they’ve ever been too. There is such a respectful, peaceful energy in every Colaw Fitness. You will know the difference as soon as a smiling, sincerely curious staff member welcomes you.

Five dollars a month is cheaper than any tanning salon subscription pricing. So we have dozens of members that do nothing but tan. Tanning has a bad reputation, like the sun. There are many benefits for older folks that work inside often though. With only 30 minutes spread throughout the week, you can increase your bodies Vitamin D and speed up your metabolism.

At the Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City you can wear whatever you like and be yourself. We have members of all ages and backgrounds, so you will fit right in. We have handicapped parking that is almost always open and waiting for you. Colaw fitness is here to help you achieve your goals, even if it’s just to get a massage before you go home. This price is such a great value that you can afford to get free massages anytime you like.

Colaw Fitness has yards and miles of cable machines. We have your good old standard plates and bars. We have an amazing circuit you can work out every muscle in your body with very little fitness knowledge. You can hook your favorite device up to our free WiFi and get your heart pumping. Bells, balls, bands, and so much more. Just come by right now and let us demonstrate the Colaw difference to you.

Don’t be “gymtimidated”! Colaw Fitness is NOTHING like other gyms. Being the Cheapest Gym in OK is an honor, sure, thank you. Seriously, we are about YOU and your goals and many members form life long bonds. Our sanctuary type atmosphere is something you’ll notice right away. We have members from ages 12 and up and folks from all walks of life, just like you. They came for the value and stayed for the free stuff.

That’s right FREE stuff. First of all, there’s free swag every day right at the front desk for you to check you. So whatever is going on, stop right now and come take a tour and grab some! Then you can come for Member Appreciation Night when we have free food. Everyone loves this night because it’s a great big party. The entire staff shows up to meet you and take selfies. You can bring some friends and get an entire year of fitness paid for by us. How exciting! Ask what night that is and how to get your free year when you come in for that tour.

Honestly, we know it sounds unbelievable that not only are we the Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City, we include EVERYTHING for five dollars a month. Colaw Fitness is unlike and gym or fitness center you have been to in many ways. One of those is the fact that we have no locker room. You can enjoy a private restroom with your very own shower built right in.

We have lockers available out in the common area for you to store your belongings while you visit and then take them with you. Locks can be purchased at the front desk or you are welcome to use your own. Also at the front desk is an amazing selection of Colaw Fitness gear to show off where you work on your mind, body, and spirit health. Taking care of yourself first is the best way to take care of the ones you love.

At only five dollars a month and bringing a friend for free every time, it’s like two memberships for the price of one. So just come one in to Colaw Fitness right now and see that it is all exactly true. So many members join for this amazing value and NEVER work out! You can join and JUST tan or JUST massage or even just take a hot shower all alone and relax. At this price you can do as little or as much as you want for yourself.

So don’t delay and call us right now with your own fitness questions at 417-437-9345. Voicemails are returned the following business day when someone is not available. Don’t just go to the Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City, come to the best value in fitness in calm surroundings that are always staffed with someone cleaning and sanitizing for your health. They will be excited if you stop by and look around. It takes actually coming in and taking a tour to make you realize it is all true and it’s here for you right this minute.