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Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City | Good Vibes Only

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

Many people are looking for the cheapest gym in Oklahoma City. What most people do not know is that we also have the best atmosphere. Therefore, Colaw Fitness is the place to go! If you or someone that you know are interested in joining, call us at 918-766-3353. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed by our low prices and great amenities.

At Colaw Fitness, we have good vibes only. Whenever you walk through our doors, you will be greeted by a friendly staff member. Hence, our staff will always greet you with a smile. Upon entering you will find that our gym smells better than any other. To guarantee this, we clean all of our equipment nearly once per day. Not only this, but we supply cleaning solution for our members as well. That way you do not have to worry about sitting in another person’s sweat! Aside from this, we make sure that our floors are spotless every time that you come in.

Along with being the cheapest gym in Oklahoma City, we also have the most positive atmosphere. You will be able to hear our uplifting music from the parking lot. Therefore, we only play upbeat, positive, Christian music. This goes along with our mission statement. We exist to make Jesus famous and to change lives. Did you forget your headphones before your workout? No sweat! You can tune into the uplifting pump up playlist we have put together for you. Our playlist features artist you love as well as some that you will love hearing for the first time. Furthermore, if you want to know where to find this awesome playlist, we have thought of that as well. You can find our entire workout playlist on Spotify by looking up Colaw Fitness.

Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City

Admittedly, these things are not always enough to make sure you have an awesome workout. Therefore, we decided to add some additional positivity to your day. Every wall is covered with encouragement to make sure that you stay motivated. Our goal at the cheapest gym in Oklahoma City is to make sure that you stay motivated. Other gyms will just make you pay and get out as quickly as possible. As a rule, we want to personally interact with every member that comes into our gym! If you pass within ten feet of a team member, they will smile and say hello. As a result, we have the most positive, uplifting environment in the industry.

Another thing you may run into while you are at other gyms is the dim lighting. At other gyms, it is dimly lit so that you do not have to worry about seeing all the dirt. At Colaw Fitness, we make sure the gym is bright and clean. This creates a feeling of safety and comfort for all of our members. Importantly, it does not feel like you are working out in a basement. This is also due to the fact our staff is present at all times. Fortunately, we have an overnight team that regular sanitizes the entire facility. This helps our day time have plenty of time to interact with our members during our peak hours.

Aside from being the cheapest gym in Oklahoma City, people love us because of our culture. We do not allow gym jerks to come exercise at our facility. A gym jerk drops weights, grunts aggressively, disturbs others, or has a showoff attitude. Therefore, our goal is to make sure that every person that comes in feels comfortable and welcome. Additionally, all clothing must be appropriate for a family environment such as ours. That being said, everybody has to wear a shirt that fully covers their torso. That means no sport bras and no tank tops that expose men’s nipples. That way, anybody can feel comfortable joining Colaw Fitness!

At Colaw Fitness, we also take very good care of our members. We have many members that have been with us for over five years. Thankfully, that number is not a small one. Upon trying out other gyms, they find that they want to stay with us. Similarly to our culture, our monthly dues are exceptional. Our desire, as stated earlier, is to motivate our members to reach their goals. One way that we accomplish that is on a rewards based membership. For instance, if one of our members uses the facility three days a week, their price drops! For only twelve check-ins per month, you pay only five dollars for that month. Without a doubt, this makes us the cheapest gym in Oklahoma City.

However, if you are only looking to use the facility a few days out of the month, that is fine too! We have a flat rate membership that leave you only paying ten dollars per month. This rate will never change, we promise. If we ever raise the prices of our memberships, that will never affect you. We guarantee this so that way you never have to worry about price gouging from us. This leaves many of our members with a sense of satisfaction and comfort. It is a scary thought to consider having to pay whatever your gym tells you! Some gyms will even penalize you if you do not agree to their terms. This all sounds like a fitness hostage crisis to me. Join us at Colaw Fitness and you can pay exactly what you want to pay for your membership.

In conclusion, Colaw fitness has a culture that is a notch above our competition. Alongside that, our prices are lower than anyone else in the industry. This secures our role as the cheapest gym in Oklahoma City. We hope that you consider joining us a member or as a guest. If you are just looking to try it out, you can even purchase a day pass. We have a ton of information you can find on our website at ColawFitness.com. This includes membership information, benefits, and a virtual tour of our facility. If you have any questions regarding what you find, call us at 918-766-3353. We would love to chat with you and answer any questions you may have!