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Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City | HIIT Me With Your Best Shot

This content written for Colaw Fitness

Are you ready to intensify your workouts with some HIIT Training at the Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City? Well bring your motivation to Colaw Fitness and pay only five dollars a month for everything in the facility. You will have all the equipment and atmosphere you desire to work on sculpting and carving out the body that makes your confidence go through the roof. Call us right now, if you have any special questions about your needs at 417-437-9345. If you leave a message though, we will call you back the following business day.

Colaw Fitness is so much more than just the Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City. How about two memberships for the price of one? With our Bring A Friend For FREE policy you can always bring someone with you and still pay only five dollars per month. Anyone over the age of 12, with proof of date of birth, is allowed to accompany you and have use of everything in the facility just like a member. It would be a challenge to find another fitness center, gym, or tanning salon that can offer as much as Colaw Fitness at such a low price and still give away free stuff every day of the year.

Before we get to all the free stuff we give away, let’s go over HIIT Training just a bit. Let you know how to get the most of your time investment. HIIT Training is currently the most productive workout science available for getting huge gains in the least amount of time. You have seen so much gym equipment online and in stores that you may not even be sure how to use properly so it ends up collecting dust as a door stop.

Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City

Colaw Fitness is not about being the Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City. We are about Christian philosophy and treating each other with kindness and respect. What an amazing atmosphere to work on your High-Intensity Interval Training. You can search all the tens of thousands of reviews throughout the Midwest and see what everyone is saying about Colaw Fitness. It’s really not too good to be true.

Remember when we mentioned FREE stuff? Well come take a staff guided tour around the clock and grab some free swag. Check out the lay down and upright tanning units available for use included with your five dollars a month. You can come in on Member Appreciation Night and grab some dinner from local vendors and suppliers. When you take that tour be sure to ask when the next one is.

Cardio is something everyone seems to grumble at. We love carving out shredded muscles to show off in mirror selfies. Often cardio can be neglected due to the lack of visual progress. Heart Disease is the number one killer of human beings. The End. When muscles aren’t stimulated, your entire body suffers, including your brain. So get with a Colaw Fitness trainer at the Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City because you also get that for five dollars a month.

The key to getting the best results with HIIT Training is intensity. You can close your eyes and growl inside, but you have to grab for all the energy you can create in intervals to stimulate your metabolism. Please, always, consult a physician before beginning any new fitness regimen. HIIT Training is great for all levels of gym experience. We even have a circuit of machines available for you to know absolutely nothing and still get a complete full body workout.

Don’t hesitate. Come to visit the Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City, but stay to see the value is true, as extraordinary as the claim may seem. Five dollars a month and you don’t even have to stress over the locker room experience. Colaw Fitness has researched what everyone loved and hated about their gym and tried to fix it all just for you! So enjoy a private restroom with a shower built right in just for your comfort and privacy. There are storage lockers available to use while you work out and to store your street shoes. You can bring your own lock or buy one right at the front desk.

So jump on a treadmill, elliptical machine, recumbent or upright bicycle and stream some amazing videos to get your HIIT progress. If you are new at this, just listen to your body. NEVER go all out when starting a fitness program because you risk injury. So give about 80 percent of your maximum effort in 15-30 second intervals every minute or two. All physicians will tell you, “when it hurts, stop”. We have kettle bells, medicine balls, aerobic balls, belts, bars, barbells and everything you need to reach your personal goals.

HIIT Training really helps you with fat loss. Three days of HIIT cardio a week will help every aspect of your body, mind, and spirit health. After a workout and a hot private shower, how about a massage? For only five dollars a month at the Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City, you get massage included. Can you believe we have dozens of members that do nothing but massage at Colaw Fitness? Massage is that important.

That’s right, join Colaw Fitness, never workout and still feel so great. Bring someone the gift of massage in their life and share the love. The atmosphere is peaceful and welcoming. We treat all of our members and guests like family and anxious to assist them in any way necessary. First of all, massage alleviates stress. Do you have stress? Do you know anyone that does not have stress? Life is stressful and you owe it to yourself and your family to stop in right after work and take ten minutes to change your mind.

Just bring your device to our WiFi and tune in a nice beach breeze while getting a massage and improving your circulation and reducing inflammation throughout your body. It helps eliminate toxins and improve sleep patterns for less daytime fatigue. While thinking about the beach, then you can go work on your tan and go home relaxed and ready to be present for your loved ones. You can afford five dollars a month at the Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City to get so much relief from the day to day pains of life.

Give us a call right now at 417-437-9345 and ask anything we might have missed. Really just come on in and feel the Colaw Fitness difference in person because it really does seem too good to be true. Get there now and claim your year of free fitness!