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Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City | Just FIVE Dollars for Everything!

This content written for Colaw Fitness

Do you just want to find the Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City or do you want the All-Inclusive Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City? Colaw Fitness is the one size and price fits all answer to every fitness need. Call right now and find out how to get a year of fitness for free. That’s a price you can’t beat and easy to achieve. Our phones are always answered at 417-437-9345. If you need to leave a message, we will call you back the next available business day by the correct fitness or billing professional.

Colaw Fitness wants everyone to join, pay five dollars a month and Bring A Friend For FREE! It’s like a BOGO and so affordable! If you are ages 12 and up, with proof of age, you can join right now. Some restrictions apply, inquire when visiting. We have members with all varieties of fitness shapes and sizes and some have always worked out and some still don’t work out. Can you believe it? For five dollars a month, about a quarter of our members use our lay down and upright tanning units. Tanning has great benefits for people that lead sedentary and indoor lives. Tanning can benefit psoriasis and arthritis symptom relief. We sell a variety of tanning bronzing products to keep looking and feeling good. Moisturizing is a very important part of a tanning regimen. Tanning goggles can also be purchase to protect your peepers.

When you bring a friend with you, they get access to everything in the facility the same as a member. This really does shock people. It’s all true. So many members joined when they came as a guest the first time because the value does seem too good to be true. Colaw Fitness has decades of health and fitness knowledge and experience here for you to access around the clock. Your five dollars a month gives you access to a live trainer six days a week. It does seem like a gimmick or there is some secret small print catch, but there is none. Join. Workout (or not). Save. It’s simple. By bringing someone with you there is a buddy to help motivate you and you can motivate them right back.

Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City

Colaw Fitness knows it’s easy to proclaim being the Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City. So we focus on the value. Don’t just look at pricing when checking out everyone. Because you have to know what that price includes. We have locations all over the Midwest and years and thousands of reviews to back up everything we say. Colaw Fitness is always staffed and being disinfected and cleaned for your health and safety purposes. For example we are wiping down the circuit training, cable machines, benches, barbells, plates, rows of cardio standards, and the loose-leaf basics like balls, bells, and bands.

You can row across the ocean with your favorite device tuned in to our WiFi. You can climb every mountain on your screen with our stair stepping machines. Jump the ropes and pound the plates. Make every drop of sweat and ounce of fat testify to your dedication. Working out is the best time investment you will ever make. Fitness pays you back with results in kind of input. You can lose weight, but gain confidence, self-esteem, and a healthier body. If you just want to save money by joining the Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City, that’s perfect and we welcome you. If you are a serious lifelong gym attendee at much higher prices, come save some money with us and find the old standards you know. We also have the latest in tech basics and machines that grow with you and progress at your pace.

Our aerobics floor is ready and waiting for you to lay down a yoga mat and find your zen. Since all aspects of being a human can be sculpted and molded at Colaw Fitness. Check out the spacious private restrooms with built in showers. A feature you may not find at many fitness centers and gyms at much higher prices. Gone are the days of having to wear special spandex and lanky leg warmers. Because you just wear what you have and come as you are.

All are welcome at the Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City. Never let price of fitness memberships keep you from living your healthiest body. People are always surprised by us, so come and let yourself and someone you love be surprised right now. Take a drive and get a tour. You don’t have to join to come hear about free food and free swag and free annual memberships! So get here.

You can take some swag and check out the fashionable line of Colaw Fitness gear. There are men’s and women’s tank tops to show off your biceps and triceps progress. So please don’t even lower your expectations just from seeing the words, “Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City”. Raise your expectations for everyone charging you more than five dollars a month. We include tanning, massage, trainers, dietary and instructional assistance and education. The Colaw Fitness family loves being in the facility and loving on people. So come by on Member Appreciation Night and get some free food. When you come take a tour you can ask when the next one will be. If it’s all too much, just get a day, week, or month pass and take us for a test drive. Not all benefits discussed are valid with all passes. Please ask for details when signing up.

Call us anytime we can answer some fitness questions or tell you more of the exciting history of Colaw Fitness in the Midwest. We are the highest rated and most reviewed of all the fitness centers in the Midwest area, not simply the Cheapest Gym in Oklahoma City. Call now at 417-437-9345 or call us and ask personal questions about your health and fitness experience and future desires. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Colaw Fitness family because You Are Worth It.