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Colaw Fitness “Win of the Week” | “Fitness Tip of the Week” | 3.15.19

Hi, this is Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw with Colaw Fitness. Today we’re going to talk to you about the win of the week and a fitness tip. So Amber, you start. It’s a very friendly oriented and you get to work out on a lot of machines around a lot of people who actually are friendly and nice. Oh, the atmosphere is great. You don’t feel threatened by anybody. Anyone staring at you.

Laugh gets you just here to get better in their lives. Non members are missing out on. They’re missing out on the fact that when you don’t get, people are willing to help you out. It just tells me, wow. And then you have staff members who actually care about, I used to be 300 pounds, and now I’m 167. My results are long, hard work. It didn’t make any excuses. I sat there when I was tired afterwards I came to the gym workout at least for an hour and worked my butt off.

All right. That was awesome Blake lost 160 pounds and he is now, uh, he’s basically a great example of working hard, sticking to a plan and getting some amazing results. My fitness tip of the week for all you guys out there relating to Blake is basically working hard and making a plan. Anytime you want to be successful in something, you have to have an organized plan.

I tell all my clients to make sure the night before you will literally write out exactly what you’re going to be eating that day and make up and actually make the food. But failing to plan is planning to fail. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Do you want to plan for success? When you plan for success, we want to make sure that you fill out exactly what you know exactly what you’re supposed to be eating to be successful and fill that out to a log.

And we’ve got stuff that we can provide for you in our free training class to help me do that. And uh, you actually schedule out in your day exactly when you’re going to work out. I would say make it the same time every day. So it’s very, very consistent and it’s mine. The freedom to know exactly what you eat and what time you’re working out in everyday. And Blake has been an amazing example of losing 160 lbs. Working hard, making a plan. And I would say make the plan the night before the day.

Cause when you wake up, sometimes you’re rushing around, grab your stuff. You could make all your stuff the night before, put it in a little container, put it in the fridge, rather show for the day, you know it, you know, six o’clock, eight o’clock, whatever your workout time. You already have all your stuff of the day, hit your workout and so on. So that’s the fitness tip of the week. Hey amber, tell us the notable quotable for the week.

It’s hardware. Even suppress fearing planning hardware. Yes, notable quotable from proverbs and loved that book. Uh, good planning and hard work. Lead to prosperity. The action steps for you guys this week is to plan for success. If you are failing to plan, if you’re failing to plan, you’re going to plant, you’re going to plan to fail.

So we want to make sure the night before, write out all your stuff you’re going to eat, make your stuff, but until a little container, take it for the day, and then make sure that you work at the same time every day as much as you can to make it mind dream. It’s setting your schedule. So that’s the fitness tip and the action steps for the week. So thank you so much. Blake is an amazing example of losing 160 pounds hard work and make it a plan. So thank you. Yeah. Awesome.