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Fitness Center Bartlesville | Sheer amazingness gym!

Oh my goodness people, I have some amazing information about a wonderful place. If you have never been to Colaw fitness center Bartlesville 918-331-0404 then you are missing out big time. We have recently upgraded several areas of our already popular facility. The place looks and feels so much different. We spent some time and effort to try to elevate some of the feel about the gym. And we were absolutely successful.

It is amazing what adding some decoration and streamlined florescent blue and green lighting will do to a space. We have added an additional privacy wall between the entrance area and the massage area. Partial walls with abundant windows allows for a more quiet and private massage. We have added additional big-screen HD TVs and new massage chairs and Hydro massage beds. We have upgraded several of the walls with sporty wallpaper showing positive themes or motivational quotes.

We’ve also taken out the old cable machine and added a cable machine that encompasses two full rooms at Colaw fitness center Bartlesville. Just because you have seen the old gym does not mean you know what things look like now. We hope you will come in and see us because we have the cheapest membership rates in the maximum amount of benefits for any fitness facility in the area.

Many of the inquiries we receive tell us that there people out there wanting to join fitness clubs but are just intimidated. I want to reaffirm that everybody didn’t show up and look like they’ve been working out for five years. Everyone has to start somewhere. Colaw fitness center Bartlesville embraces those who want to try fitness for their very first time. If that is you, we invite you to come in without self judgment and begin a process of working towards a person you would like to be in your head. Most people do not exercise for vanity or to impress others.

There fitness is based on what it does for them and their personal stress levels, blood pressure, anger management, and how they feel, or their inability to sleep. What most people envision the bunch of bodybuilder type people that are looking down on everyone who is not of equal stature. When the truth is, they may be thinking that they could just eat normal food. I’m sick of all this dieting and eating this protein and constantly working out. It’s the grass is always greener on the other side mentality. You can also argue both ways for females by thinking she was just born that way instead of how much time she’s invested into hard work and effort.

We all start somewhere with a lot of areas in life and fitness can be the same learning process as the others. We would love for you to come in and allow us to introduce you to our members that may be shared the same struggle. Those who started in a much different place than they are today. We also would love for you to give us the time to get to know you so that we also may participate in your success. If there is anything in life that I have learned it’s never what I originally expected to be.

Let’s talk about the cost of membership at Colaw fitness center Bartlesville. For as little as one dollar down and as low as five dollars a month you can achieve membership status. Once this process is complete a key fob will be issued to you and you will be granted sole access to the industry leading fitness center that is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week for your convenience. You will never have to worry about when the gym is open or closed because we are always open and never closed. Another awesome membership perk is that you can bring a friend for free with you 24/7.

Your friend would also enjoy the entire benefit package available to you. There is no long-term contract forced upon you because it is just not necessary to do so. are loyal and committed member base returns because they want to. It’s that simple. We do, however, offer a 30 day money back guarantee ensuring complete satisfaction or your money back. We have free tanning available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Tanning units are clean, spacious, and able to be locked for security.

We have massage chairs and hydromassage beds available in a newly renovated area that is sure to be more relaxing and quiet. We have free lockers, private dressing areas, and bathrooms. Offer trainer instruction and nutritional instruction. We added several big HD TVs for our members viewing pleasure. We celebrate our members by hosting a membership appreciation night once a month. Offer free pizza for all those in attendance. A great time for all to enjoy fellowship and free food. We offer a one year free membership reward to anyone who is able to initiate new memberships of three people on party night.

Colaw fitness center Bartlesville 918-331-0404 is the highest rated and most reviewed fitness center on the Internet. You can verify that information by going to the website and looking at the reviews or video testimonials and see why we are receiving such high ratings. Another important aspect to mention is the significance of how many people are participating in those reviews and testimonials. The larger the population the greater the accuracy of predicting the information at hand. So, our members are backed by a lot of people that are truly happy with their fitness provider.

Colaw fitness center Bartlesville is a Christian atmosphere and continually plays positive uplifting Christian music over the sound system around-the-clock. We believe this helps create a positive atmosphere for all of our members to enjoy. We are pretty stern about leaving the power of positive thinking. Colaw invest time in our members by building them up and praising the things that they are doing well at. We encourage and motivate through praise. It’s not that we hide from the negatives we just choose not to focus on them. It is well documented that the positive encouragement results in much higher success rates than negative. Please come down and see us at Colaw fitness and allow us the opportunity to participate in your journey today. God bless