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Fitness Centers in Arlington | 5 Steps For Fitness Success | Colaw Fitness

Hey, we’re Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week. Charles, break it down for us for fitness beginners that are looking to be successful at getting started. Break it down to five simple steps.

Great. I will do that. So we’re going to go over five simple steps for fitness success to get started on your fitness journey. And so without further ado, step one, have a simple template to follow for your diet and your workout. Have a simple template to follow for your diet and your workout. That will give you mine freedom that you can just simply look at what it is and follow exactly what it says.

And we provide that in our free CF-30 plan. I think at the gym it’s called CF 30 Colaw Fitness. It’s a 30 day plan, had tons, hundreds of people losing weight, getting in great shape. So getting a template is number one, fitness tip number two is keep your workout simple, keep it simple and the same when you started out. So it doesn’t have to be real extravagant, real hard to learn, keep it very simple and the same.

That’s step two and we had that in our CF-30 plan too. So follow simple and sane. Step three is plan your workout and your diet plan the night before, so you need to make sure you’re planning everything before your day gets started because you’ll wake up, you’ll run out of time, you’re trying to run out the door quickly, but if you have all your food prepped and planned, you’ve already planned your set time for your workout.

You already have, your workout partner is going to show up at that time. You are on track for fitness success, so plan the night before that is step three. Plan the night before. Step four is stick to your fitness plan, sticking to your fitness plan. I’ve trained thousands of clients and they’ll do good Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and day like Thursday. They mess up on their food a little bit and then they don’t go to the gym and they mess up Friday and Saturday and then let’s get started.

Get on Monday again and they don’t get any results because they’re not sticking with the plan. What it is, is it’s like you’re trying to get to a destination. Let’s say it’s 50 miles to get to a certain place and you get halfway. So you get 25 pounds down, it’s like 25 miles and you get a flat tire in your car. Do you get out of the car, pull out a pocket, and I’ve plied pop, pop your other three tires and light your car on fire and let it burn and walk back to all the weight gain that you had before.

Or do you get out, fix a flat and get started right back again and get right back on track. So sticking to your plan and sticking with it so you don’t derail. And and the last one is, step five is don’t quit.

Don’t ever quit. So anytime you mess up, you have to have a mindset that even though I messed up in the past, I’m getting right back on it. And that type of never quitting mindset is what gives everybody success. I have been over 300 pounds in high school. I lost 83 pounds as a trainer. And since losing my first 83 pounds, I’ve gained weight and lost weight many, many times, but my discipline has changed and now I’m maintaining a lean fit body for the rest of my life.

And you can’t do that is the fitness tip for the five simple steps for fitness success successes is Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw. You guys have a blessed week. We’ll see you next week. Bye bye.

fitness centers in Arlington

fitness centers in Arlington