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Fitness Centers in Arlington | Staying Encouraged

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

Often times, staying encouraged is one of the most difficult things to do on a fitness journey. Therefore, it is important that we stay on the same team to help push each other. At Colaw Fitness centers in Arlington, we have created a positive environment for our members. By doing this, we encourage one another towards our health goals. Overall, this empowers everybody in our facility. We love being part of such an awesome community.

So far, all of the communities we are a part of have taken our mission and ran with it. Our mission at Colaw Fitness is to make Jesus famous and to change lives. We do this in a variety of ways that I will expand on here shortly. If this sounds like something that you would be interest in, give us a call! We also love hearing from our potential new members. You can reach us 918-766-3353. Otherwise, you can find all of this information on ColawFitness.com.

First, we create a positive environment where encouraging community can thrive. As soon as you walk into Colaw Fitness centers in Arlington, you will know what I mean. Our playlist is made up entirely of uplifting Christian music. Therefore, we believe that Christian community can be some of the most encouraging. When you walk in, our staff will always greet you like you are the highlight of their day. They will try to learn your name and other things about you.

Fitness Centers in Arlington

We believe that this creates a trusting and hospitable environment. This is of course available to everybody that wants to join with us. There is nobody that we say are not allowed into our facility. Although this seems like a gym only for beginners, we have all sorts of people. We have often had members that are very heavy lifters. However, they are always incredibly respectful and welcoming of newcomers.

These folks form an essential aspect of our community. They understand how difficult it can be to stay motivated. Therefore, whenever they come into the gym, they are happy to encourage new members. Amongst these things, they are also great at training new members on proper form. They help new members reach the goals that they have set for themselves. This is the kind of compatibility that we love to see in our fitness centers in Arlington. If you are not sure of how to use the equipment in our facility, they will be very helpful.

Our goal with our members is to empower them. We can only teach them so much before it is their opportunity to push forward themselves. Therefore, we want to equip them with the necessary tools for success. This means that we provide useful information regarding training and nutrition that they can use. Thus, our members are well equipped to continue their fitness journeys wherever they go. Ultimately, they will make whatever environment that they go into a special one. Regardless of where they are at, they will be capable of encouraging everybody around them. We love the thought of this. This makes it feel like the reach of Colaw Fitness is far beyond our fitness centers in Arlington. We hope that you consider being a part of this awesome community of people. People that are all working towards similar goals.

For every city that we have found ourselves in, the city takes our mission and runs with it. They get excited about having been welcomed. Therefore, they get excited about making others feel the same way. This makes our culture continue to grow exponentially. The motivation here is that this culture will leak out into the community. In the same way that when a boss yells at a person, they yell at their child.

From there, the child kicks the dog, which bites another person. In contrast, we want people to go home feeling valued and making other people feel the same way. Therefore, it reverses the chain of abuse and turns it on its head. We replace abuse and frustration with compassion and love. This is more than we could ever just do in a gym setting. Therefore, we hope that the atmosphere spills over from our fitness centers in Arlington.

Besides this, our mission is to make Jesus famous and to change lives. Now, there are a few ways that we accomplish this. First, we give away free Bibles in english and in spanish at all of our gyms. Therefore, every one of our members get free access to the word. They can take this home, or can even take one for a friend. In fact, we have seen people take a dozen at a time to give out to people in need of one! We are happy to contribute to the community in this way. On average, most of our clubs give away over twenty Bibles per week!

We think that this is incredibly significant and find it a valuable expression of our resources. Besides that, we also give the first dollar from every membership to fight the water crisis. Therefore, we not only benefit the spiritual lives of our members. We also benefit the physical lives of people across the world. For every membership that gets started, we help build a water well in Mozambique, Congo, and Uganda.

You do not even have to be hands on to get involved. You simply get to be a part of our fitness centers in Arlington. From there, we will do the rest! That way, you can get what you want and also feel good about your impact on the world. In 2018, we sent two of our team members to Mozambique to see what it is like. Mozambican infrastructure was dashed to pieces by communism over thirty years ago. Since then it has struggled to recover.

We found that most people simply use a ravine in the street for sanitation. Besides that, they often drink from the same water that they bathe in. This creates an unsafe drinking environment that leads to a number of diseases. By becoming a member at Colaw Fitness, you can make a huge impact on these communities. If you are interest in learning more about these communities, check our website! Grace and peace to you.