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Fitness Centers in Arlington | Workout at Night

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

In 2020, our schedules are crazier than they ever have been. Working overnight has become a very common type of work in order to increase productivity. The coronavirus has taken the world by storm. Additionally, sleep gets categorized as being secondary to finishing another episode of Tiger King on Netflix. With all of this mind, it is incredibly difficult to find businesses that operate based on your schedule. Because many people do not simply work a nine to five anymore, the landscape for exercise has changed.

At the same time, obesity and heart disease run rampant in our country. I can not help but think this is partially due to gym closures overnight. At Colaw Fitness, you will never have to worry about finding locked doors. Our fitness centers in Arlington are open and staffed twenty four hours per day just for you. If this seems intriguing to you, you can reach us by phone at 918-766-3353.

Maybe you work during the day, but find that you are naturally a night owl. This leaves you searching for things to do past 10pm. In most big cities, this is typically a non-issue. However, in some smaller towns it feels like everything is closed by nine. This leaves people bored out of their minds in the evening looking for things to do. Additionally, if you would like to spend time with your friends, there are no third spaces for you. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you are full of energy. The same can be said for people that work over night. If they get off work in the early hours of the morning, there is still nothing to do. This limits the times of day that people are able to get in quality exercise. This separates our fitness centers in Arlington from the others.

Fitness Centers in Arlington

At Colaw Fitness, we have always been open twenty four hours per day. We do this because we know that not everybody is available to workout at 3pm. Therefore, we have to supply a facility that can be accessed by our members at any time. Similarly, having fitness centers in college towns brings us many overnight gym goers. Often times, students get out of class, then go to work until 10pm. This of course leaves them with no options for getting in essential exercise. We see students very regularly around midnight in the facility. We love creating a space that they can enjoy after work! Likewise, if you simply can’t sleep, there is nothing better to do than get in a quick workout and a massage. This will help you get back to sleep in a flash at our fitness centers in Arlington.

It is not irregular to see some of our members passed out in our massage chairs. They can be so comfortable that they will lull you to sleep, even in the middle of the day! These, along with everything else in our facility, are open and operating at all hours. We feel that this offers an essential service to the community that would be hard to get elsewhere. Therefore, there is no point in going anywhere else!

In addition to being open twenty four hours per day, we are also consistently staffed. This is unlike nearly any other gym in the industry. However, we get excited about it because it creates four new jobs for the community! Alongside this, it also provides a valuable service to our fitness centers in Arlington. Therefore, people can go into Colaw Fitness to sign up whenever they want! There is nothing that they can’t do at night that they could do in the day.

One thing that we love about being staffed twenty four hours per day is the community. Because there are fewer people that are awake at that time of night, we see the same faces each night. We love because we get to see new friend groups form out of it. Thus, these new friend groups get the gym practically all to themselves. If you were to go anywhere else you would have to rent out a space. However, we our members get to hang out and work out together with no time limit or extra fees. Whenever a new person starts coming in during the overnight time, the community quickly welcomes them. This maintains the community atmosphere that we strive for at Colaw Fitness. It is because of this that people continually come back every night to see us.

Amongst other great things about the overnight, our overnight staff are some of the best. Most of them have been long tenured members who know our members by name. Because of their experience, we find that they are able to answer just as many questions. The day time had better watch their back, because here comes the overnight! They do a great job of deep cleaning our facility on a nightly basis. Just think, one person is working ten out of the twenty four hours that we have scheduled. They are doing significant groundwork in making sure that our facility is pristine. Next time that you see them in the facility, make sure that you thank them! They put in an incredible amount of work towards creating a good atmosphere. Similarly, they process a large amount of paperwork that is acquired throughout the day time.

Whether or not you find yourself exercising during the night, it is always a nice benefit. It is mainly when you find that you are not able to use it that you really want it. Therefore, it is with your help that we are able to maintain our facility for twenty four hours of the day. This means extra maintenance and upkeep for our facility. Similarly, we have to face larger utility bills than if we were too close during the night time. However, we would never consider closing unless absolutely necessary because we love it. We love having members in our facility around the clock, and we hope to see you as well! We hope to see you at our fitness centers in Arlington.

In conclusion, we hope that you consider joining our fitness centers in Arlington. We hope to see you regardless of your schedule. Therefore, we have taken every road block out that we possibly can. If you have more questions about our hours of operation, call anytime. Again, our phone number is 918-766-3353. You can also find information about our facilities at ColawFitness.com. Along with this, you will also find member testimonials, virtual tours, and much more! We also regularly release content on our podcast and on our YouTube channel. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us! Thank you for considering Colaw Fitness for all of your overnight fitness needs. Grace and peace to you.